Now is the time to have your say on Ludlow’s future. Ludlow Town Council is leading work on a community led plan for the town and its environs. The idea is to involve the whole community so that becomes our perspective on Ludlow’s future, not just the council’s view.

A questionnaire is being delivered to every home in Ludlow. You can also complete the questionnaire online. This is way to take part if you live outside the Ludlow council area, for example in Rocks Green or Ludford. Online responses will also save time for the volunteers working on the plan. If you do go down the paper route, there are nearly 30 collection points around the town. The deadline is 21 May. Responses will be anonymous.

Do we have enough housing? What type of housing do we need?

Is there enough support offered for local people living with health conditions, loneliness and mental health concerns?

Should we encourage more tourists? Should Ludlow promote environmentally sustainable tourism?

What sort of jobs do we need? Would more events in town support shops, market and accommodation providers?

Should the town centre be pedestrianised? Do we have enough parking and bike racks? Would a 20mph speed limit improve road safety?

Is Ludlow safe? Do we have adequate CCTV? Is street lighting adequate?

Are bus services in and around Ludlow adequate? Are more bus shelters needed?

Are play facilities in town adequate? Are more trees needed in town?

Is there enough for young people to do? Are there enough leisure activities in Ludlow for older people?

Are there enough places for families to eat at a reasonable price? Does Ludlow have an adequate range of shops for your needs?

These are just some of the questions to which the Community Led Plan team is seeking answers.

If you need more information, please contact Councillor Erica Garner: 07974 001310

The Community Led Plan questionnaire online.

The Community Led Plan on paper.

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