Ludlow Town Council is proposing to ban motorcycles from parking between the market and Ludlow Castle on Castle Square. What do you think? Please vote now below…

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The Town Council consultation.

27 thought on “Should motorbikes be banned from parking on Castle Square? Vote now…”
  1. Bikers are welcome perhaps we should ban wheelchairs prams in fact why don’t we get rid of all tourists and of course Stop that wretched Mayfair

  2. Unfortuanatly the irresponsible few spoil it for everyone..blocking the square for pedestrians with pushchairs, shopping scooters, and visitors..
    Castle square should be vehicle free.
    .but bikes should be allowed between the square and the college, adjacent to the phone box…
    And on two sides of the road outside Castle Lodge.

  3. Bikes should be allowed in the area where they have been parking for years. A space should be reserved for them by removeable posts to stop selfish car parking. Many of the bikes are a tourist attraction in themselves.
    As incomers we are worried about being grouped with other incomers who want to change the character of Ludlow.

  4. The bikes form a familiar part of the tapestry of the town on a sunny day. A row of bikes projects the image that the town is a destination. Isn’t that the correct image to project?

  5. If you are a resident and own a motorcycle do you have to buy a resident permit in order to park?
    The Town council have to take control of the free parking situation which is being abused in Castle square, what ever vehicle it is.

    That wretched Mayfair as quoted above pays a substantial amount of money to the Town council for permission to operate on that site.

  6. Could we ban noisy motorbikes altogether? I know it’s one of the deep pleasures of the biker population to drive around making lots of noise, but many people don’t like it.

    1. Motorbikes, like cars, are subject to limits on the exhaust noise they can produce. I have seen numerous cars around Ludlow which emit far louder exhaust noise than many bikes.

  7. Bikers will find an alternative town to meet and spend their cash. Leave them alone!

  8. Of course they should not be banned. It’s quite nice looking at the variety of machines parked up. Leave them alone.

  9. What next, no pushbikes. Get a grip this is nonsense. These motorcyclists bring valuable revenue to your town

  10. Matlock Council tried to ban motorcycles. Buy forcing them to pay for parking. Where can you put a ticket on a bike with out it blowing away or getting pinched? Over 5000 bikers turned up to support the local businesses. The council still dug their heels in. Then the shop owners decided to close their businesses. And for 2 months it became a ghost town. And the council lost a lot of revenue. Even Gulivers Kingdom lost revenue. Remember bikers are car drivers too and have kids and families and friends. Yes us bikers can go elsewhere and spend our money. Money that Ludlow desperately needs.

  11. The Biking community use Ludlow as a destination to make use of the great road network in the area (pot holes is another issue…). They subsequently park in the town and spend money in it. Parking duration of the average bike user is around one hour – if that – during which time they bring in income for local businesses, provide another “attraction” for anyone interested AND then broadcast their time positively to others. The noise issue mentioned above…. they cannot generate much more due to the town layout (speed) and is it REALLY that bad? Compared to lorries and busses, the odd car etc? AND they cause NO TROUBLE…. ask the police.
    Let them park and bring in custom.

  12. One or two wouldn’t be a problem. Twenty or more are an eyesore and they block access to the seats, giving no thought to the elderly and disabled. My family came over from Germany and could not believe such mass parking in the lovely town square, not to mention the roaring of engines…..and pollution!

  13. Please don’t allow this to be turned into a ‘locals v’s bikers’ issue. I am a local, not a biker, and I’m sure I speak for a great many locals in saying that Bikers are very welcome in Ludlow. The town council grow more short-sighted with every passing year, if the bikers went elsewhere it would be Ludlow’s loss, for the businesses (ask the cafes) and the atmosphere on the square.

  14. I used to live in Ludlow and it is a popular stop off point for bikers who appreciate the beauty of the town just the same as everyone else. Stop discriminating based on what vehicle people use – anyone’s money that is spent in Ludlow is for the benefit of the town, so don’t be so small minded. Plus, there is a very famous biker stop in Leominster which is probably why the bikers pass through Ludlow and want to stop and enjoy the town like everyone else.

  15. It appears that over recent years the council have changed many parking arrangements and imposed time and payment restrictions which are already having a negative effect on trade throughout Ludlow. To completely ban motorcycles in the market square area is frankly ludicrous – unless of course the council provides a really sensible and accessibly suitable alternative in a nearby street, however this would probably negate several existing car parking spaces which bring revenue to the coffers. The council should give serious consideration as to whether they want shopkeepers to lose further trade, because “bikers” will simply go and visit other towns which don’t discriminate.

  16. Oh what a shame to think like that , I love the ride to Ludlow and stopping in the castle square , and looking around the market and always buying something , then going into that little food place that does pulled pork rolls and salads to choose from , I’m sure if that comes in that quite a few bikers won’t bother stopping , we are ordinary people who go to work but just love bikes just like some like their cars or pushbikes

  17. Do you want a quiet (dying) town like Clun or Bishop’s Castle, or a vibrant centre? Be careful what you wish for!

  18. I have recently passed my bike test and whilst learning Ludlow was one of my destinations for a ride out. The beautiful roads and having to travel quite a distance gave me much practice. The end rewards was being able to sit in the square whilst enjoying the sunshine and some food. Then a wander round the shops to purchase gifts for my grandchildren.
    Why are bikers being targeted, for the most part we are sensible riders who just have a different hobby to give us pleasure.

  19. I worked in Wolverhampton City for over 40 years and saw the centre decline as the council imposed more regulations on parking and vehicle access until they have arrived at the economically dead, unattractive remnant of a once vibrant city. I love to visit Ludlow – so please don’t go down that path.
    I travel in Europe on my bike and am always made welcome and I reciprocate by being considerate and spending my Euros. Why so much anti-bike sentiment exists in the UK I don’t know – is it a class thing as bikes were traditionally a working man’s transport? BTW I’m in my late sixties and ride a bike costing more than a small car – court the ‘Grey Pound’, don’t scorn it.

  20. As a biker I love a run out to Ludlow on a sunny day to shop on the market and have a coffee and cake in the shops and all this is made better by the convenience of parking my bike close to where i shop and it being in plain view of the public should someone decide to tamper with it. I’ve had nothing but positive responses from local people in the past who have stopped to strike up conversation with me about my bikes and it would be a shame if the council decided to ban bike parking in the square. We have an expensive hobby which means we have money to spend and we spend it freely in Ludlow because of the pleasant environment. If visiting Ludlow becomes inconvenient we will just ride elsewhere. Matlock council have already found that pushing bikers into paying car parks out of the town centre had a detrimental effect on local businesses and a few even closed because of the loss of earnings. They have now reversed their decision because of this but not before the damage had been done. Shops have closed and many of the bikers have moved on to more tolerant towns. As many people like the bikers in the square as those who don’t but it’s your choice. Just saying.

  21. Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs if you like Ludlow council, as a biker I can choose from many wonderful welcoming towns where I can visit and spend my money.
    Why not cordon the whole town off so nobody comes to visit, it will be nice and quiet for you then. the council should all be sacked and people with more than one brain cell be appointed. PS I already like many of my biker friends give Ludlow a wide berth and take my custom elsewhere.

  22. Please do not ban us Bikers, most of us are older now but we have extra cash as you can see from the wonderful machines we ride. Cash that we will spend if not in Ludlow then somewhere else, They tried this in Matlock with disastrous consequences.
    I’m from Coventry where we successfully worked with the City Council to ensure we had a safe, adequate area right in the middle of things where we could park for free, the free Bike parking area has been provided with lighting, CCTV and good sturdy railings designed for us to lock our bikes to. Having been involved in the process and speaking to many people it was the right thing to do – you could learn a lot!

  23. Why do they insist on making as much noise as possible. What’s with this constant revving of engines

  24. My two pals and I go to Ludlow for a ride from the South Wales valleys , we go for the ride but also for the friendly welcome we receive in the town .We normally spend around £20 each visit ,usually on food and soft drinks but occasionally something else.So one visit at least £60 is spent .Most city and town councils provide parking for motorcycles but they are the thinking councils .Dont ban us ,welcome us. On our last visit we were approached by numerous people who were very chatty and asked us questions about the bikes and where we were from etc .I was shocked to read about this proposal and applaud Andy Boddinton please support him.. By the way we are all in ours 70s

  25. What a shame! I’m another one who won’t visit Ludlow again. Plenty of other places to visit.

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