The Shropshire Councillors for Ludlow and Clee are backing Option 1 for Future Fit. But they warn that asking people to choose to choose a single A&E for Shropshire is like asking them to play Russian Roulette with people’s lives.

Faced with the choice between Option 1, with the A&E based in Shrewsbury, and Option 2, which would see the single A&E site in Telford, they are backing Option 1.

Andy Boddington represents Ludlow North on Shropshire Council. Tracey Huffer Ludlow East, Vivienne Parry, Ludlow South and Richard Huffer, Clee. Tracey Huffer speaks for the four councillors on health matters:

“There is no doubt that Option 1 is the best for Ludlow and the surrounding villages. We live a long way from any accident and emergency department in Shropshire. It’s 31 miles to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and ten miles further to the Princes Royal Hospital in Telford. If the A&E is in Telford, it will take 13 minutes longer for an ambulance to arrive at the casualty department compared to having the A&E in Shrewsbury.

“That’s why we are urging residents in Ludlow and the villages around to support Option 1.

“But we are not happy with this choice. Asking people to decide between an A&E in Shrewsbury and an A&E in Telford is asking them to play Russian Roulette with people’s lives.

“We need two A&Es but that will mean more money than is currently available. There is much speculation that the government will promise more cash for the NHS in July. But that is likely to be absorbed by the growing costs of ageing, obesity, diabetes, cancer, genetic medicine and new technology. It’s unlikely there will be any money left over for keeping two A&Es in Shropshire.

“Faced with a tough and unwelcome choice, we are advising people in our wards to back Option 1.”

The Future Fit consultation explained.

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