Appeal for information on serious fly-tipping incidents in Ludlow

At the end of last week, domestic furniture and junk appeared outside a house in Lower Galdeford. Around the sound time, household goods were dumped on the Eco Park. There is good reason to believe that these two incidents are linked.

I have asked Shropshire Council to investigate with a view to prosecution. I would be grateful if any with knowledge of these incidents could share it with me or the council in confidence.

Fly-tipping on the Eco Park is commonplace but no less appalling for that. It is rare for so many household items to be dumped on a street, let alone on of the primary routes to the town centre.

I have asked for both sites to be cleaned up.

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence. I hope that all efforts will be made to find and prosecute the perpetrator. If the householder managed to transport some of the rubbish to the Eco Park, there can be no excuse for not taking it to Craven Arms.

I am appalled by all fly-tipping and littering. We have a beautiful town and stunning landscape. We should not wreck it with rubbish.

You can report fly-tipping on Shropshire Council’s website. This is a basic website interface that does not allow for photographs to be uploaded. The independent website Fix My Street is easier to use. You can report potholes and other problems on this site too.

3 comments on Appeal for information on serious fly-tipping incidents in Ludlow

  1. Whilst I do not like fly tipping I have absolutely no doubt this is the result of the continual “take more money in rates give us less facilities”.

    You government officias givernment or otherwise caused this by shutting the Ludlow depot for rubbish.
    The more you close, facilities get removed the more it happens…its a simple formula of cause and effect..
    Common sense really, put a general skip back in Lower Galdeford car park like there used to be in the old days and this simply would not happen…..

  2. I agree with Hedgehog, close refuse sights or charge for certain rubbish people WILL just dump it knowing that they can get away with it. Putting skips at strategic spots is sensible . The more a council cuts the more crime appears. Austerity is now counterproductive.

  3. I agree that we should have facilities in Ludlow but a single unsupervised skip in Galdeford carpark would be filled before the lorry had dropped it and then left full with a sea of rubbish around it until the truck came back a week later.

    We need the recycling centre to reopen or some kind of deal done with the furniture scheme to enable people to clear their bulky rubbish.

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