I’m having a break with my family for a few days. We have been visiting our beautiful countryside. But everywhere we go, townscapes and landscapes are blighted by litter. We hate it. Everyone hates it.

We were up on the Titterstone Clee today. There we met Colin, Chris and Ben, three volunteer litter pickers. It was great to see them. Ben, who picks up the bottles and cans from difficult slopes, is a border collie. Watch him collect a plastic water bottle in this video.

Colin and Chris have cleared up the Titterstone car park area for a while. They can’t stand litter in such a fantastic place. But as you can hear on this video, there is always a good wind blowing up there. That means that a lot of litter is blown down slopes that are difficult to access.

That’s a job for the collie.

Colin explained how they had trained Ben, their seven year old collie, to retrieve plastic bottles and cans from difficult slopes. Ben is very dedicated to the anti-litter cause, as are Colin and Chris. But Ben is the most surprising litter picker I have met. I take my hat off to all three volunteers.

One thought on “Meet Ben who picks litter on the Titterstone Clee – he’s a border collie (with video)”
  1. With a congratulatory WOOF to Ben.
    Ron Whittle, Bridgnorth Mayor, has been, and is doing a grand job encouraging his locals to participate in rubbish collections, but I have just sent him an email asking him if there are any suggestions as to get people to drop less rubbish in the first place.
    I will be MORE than happy to proved a two-way communication on any such ideas. All success to Ludlow.

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