This is a brief update on the mural project. We have agreed an outline design. The project artists are brainstorming detailed designs.

We have a great team of artists working on this project. It is not an exclusive project, so if you want to join the team, contact us through our Facebook page. We are holding last meeting in the Blue Boar at 11.15am on Saturday, 1 September. Please join us if you can. There is still a lot to sort out!

With the support of the new site owner, we will on-site by the end of the month to prepare the boards and sketch the outline design.

The area will be secured with wire Heras Fencing and platforms put in place to give access to the boards.

The main painting is planned take place over the Ludlow Food Festival, 7-9 September. After that, the mural will be protected with graffiti proof lacquer and the safety fencing and platforms removed.

The sketch below shows the outline design (thanks David). It also lists the initial themes for each board. The spelling out of “Ludlow” to unite the panels is agreed. The details of the themes on the boards could change.

A young people’s zone will be created at the east of the site, across the doors to the former supermarket. This will have a different theme to encourage young people to participate.

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