The former Budgens store in Ludlow is an eyesore. The building is to be redeveloped.

Today, I have agreed with the new owner to use the building as Ludlow’s biggest canvas. All those ugly boards will be painted up as a giant mural during the Food Festival. The project will be designed to encourage people to stop, stare and applaud.

We have less than a month to get this project together.

I am not an artist. I can’t even paint the walls of my flat. I haven’t a clue where to start on a mural.

But we are a town full of people with talent. The developer has agreed to fund the project. I am now working on the technical stuff on highways, safety and the like but that is no hill of beans.

The mural will be in place for around 18 months.

We have the goodwill and an offer of funding. Young people must be involved. But we have a very short time to make this project happen.

If you have ideas, if you can help on this, I am proposing an informal meeting. This will be at 11.15am in the bar of the Rose and Crown this Saturday.

2 thought on “Calling on artists in Ludlow and beyond to paint our town’s biggest mural”
  1. This is a good idea To get it off the ground it should be heavily publici sed to instill interest in people.Maybe theschools could be involved if not in the mural as some sort of competition to make them feel involved. It is their community as well

    I got my gce many years ago!!(captcha)

  2. As an ex-student & lecturer at the Central School of Art & Design in Holborn, during the wonder of the 1960’s, I fully approve of this proposal and wish it and the participants every success.
    Indeed, in view of the ever deepening, self-imposed, SC’s Con cock-up, I think it would be positive boost to all Shropshire towns if each can identify a space to improve and and follow Ludlow’s lead. I will see what I can find in sunny(ish) Much Wenlock.

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