Yesterday, Shropshire Council published more details of the Foldgate Lane application (18/02413/REM). They include revised landscaping and planting plans, a change to the location of the pedestrian and cycle access by the retail park and details of the play area and house designs.

One of the significant changes is to the pedestrian and cycle link to Foldgate Lane. This has been moved further north to provide an opportunity for a future link into the retail park between Pets at Home and Ludlow Nut Company. This is very welcome as it will improve safety. People will no longer need to walk along Foldgate Lane to get to the Co-op. In the future we may be able to divert the town bus into the retail park to provide a connection with the Co-op and Foldgate Lane and the town centre.

Details of bird and bat boxes are published. There will be twenty of each. Local enthusiasts will note that there are no swift boxes.

Plans for the play area are also available. (This is known as LEAP – Locally Equipped Area for Play in planning jargon.)

There are final details of house designs. Here are just a few.

Although we have opposed this development in principle, it is a well designed scheme with significant affordable housing.

The application now looks ready for approval. Viv Parry has asked for it to be considered by the South Planning Committee. A decision on whether it will be considered by the committee has yet to be made.

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