Month: September 2018

Response to Future Fit consultation from Ludlow’s unitary councillors

This is our response to the Future Fit consultation. Submission from the Shropshire councillors for Ludlow and Clee. 11 September 2018. The Future Fit proposals have been controversial from the outset. This is in part due to the top down process where that has too often followed idealistic models at the expense of the needs and desires of communities. It has also occurred because three different interlinked debates have been happening at the same time. These debates are about national, county and community resources.

The final recommendations for new constituency boundaries have been published. The aim is to equalise the size of the electorate in each constituency and reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600. Our county MPs should vote against the proposals. Under the plans, Ludlow will become part of a new constituency with Leominster. Bridgnorth will join with the Wrekin. If the proposals go through, and that’s a “big if” right now, we will get a shakeup of MPs in the south and east of the county. Ludlow is Shropshire. It should remain in Shropshire at every political level and not be merged with a very different county.  

Public meetings to be held on Ludlow’s emerging Town Plan

The data from the Ludlow household survey conducted earlier in the summer has been completed.  It gives some clear ideas on what is wanted in Ludlow over the next five years. Town councillor Erica Garner is leading development of the Community Led Plan and is holding three public meetings, two on 12 September and a third of 13 September. Further details below.

Ludlow’s Art Mural Project gets a blue makeover. Seven days to go – join or watch us!

This has been a fantastic day. We had a team of volunteers on site dealing with technical issues on access and safety. But much more important, the paint mob arrived. The site is now a sky-blue and light cloud colour. That will make a fantastic background for the main artwork. We have no more than seven days to complete the full mural. This is an inclusive project. If you can help, join us!

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