If you are going to be up and away by 7am next Sunday 24 February, disregard this post. But if you want to slumber until mid-morning, please don’t park on Corve Street overnight between Tesco and the Compasses. You’ll get a knock on your door asking you to move your car fast.

Any parked cars that remain parked on that stretch will prevent the final resurfacing of Corve Street. We have a one-off opportunity to get the road surface sorted. Highways crews will not be coming back to patch any areas of road that can’t be accessed.

Galdeford car park has free parking from 6pm on Saturday to 8am on Monday. It won’t cost you anything to park nearby.

A parked car prevented the road being planed down and resurfaced last Sunday. It was not registered in Shropshire. This area will be patched on Sunday providing no one leaves their car in the space overnight Saturday.

Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow, says: “The quality of the new surface is great. But we are likely to end up with a patchwork of repair if people park their cars on Corve Street overnight on Saturday. We need to get this job done and the last chance to do that is this weekend. I don’t know why people ignore the no parking cones.”

Andy Boddington, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North said: “It has taken us a while to organise this work. It is one of the highest quality repairs that we have seen in Ludlow. But the job could end up half done if people leave their cars overnight on Saturday. Highways engineers will be knocking on car owners’ front doors to ask them to move cars when the owner lives locally. Last Saturday, a car from outside the county preventied resurfacing of an area of the road opposite Tesco.”

Corve Street is being resurfaced over three Sunday nights. The existing surface was laid by a previous council contractor and it failed immediately. Shropshire Council’s highways engineers have designed a very thorough repair that will last many years. The existing surface is being milled down 50mm. A hard wearing tarmac surface will be laid. Drains are being flushed out to prevent flash flooding. Traffic light sensors are being replaced to improve safety. New white and yellow lines will be painted. Cycle boxes will be remarked at the traffic lights outside Tesco at the junction of Station Drive and Corve Street but they will no longer have red tarmac. That’s in line with current practice in conservation areas.

2 thought on “Call for residents and visitors not to park overnight on Corve Street, Ludlow next Saturday”
  1. You have a picture of the car parked on yellow bollards and presumably someone has its registration details, why can’t a fixed penalty notice be sent in the post?

  2. I understand car was there for a few days?
    Where is SCC when they are needed to get the job done without having a “patch” laid.

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