Day: 20 February 2019

Shropshire Council showed today it has double standards on parking in Ludlow

Just after 10am this morning, a Shropshire Council vehicle blocked two disabled bays on Mill Street. We have had a lot of problems in this area. Not much with parking. But with civil enforcement officers challenging businesses going about their daily work. This photo is of a civil enforcement officer emptying cash from a parking machine. He decided that he could break all rules by parking in the highway and blocking two disabled spaces.

Is Severn Trent the country’s most inefficient utility company for roadway repairs?

We have seen this many times. A utility company needs to fix a problem. It fixes the problem. Then they clear off for a couple of days before removing lights or patching up a road. This has happened twice over the last few days. On Saturday night, Western Power Distribution dug up the main exit from the town centre, Brand Lane, to fix a power fault. But the tarmac to patch the hole didn’t arrive until Monday morning. Western Power was however outclassed by Severn Trent. The water company needed to dig a hole in the pavement on Upper Galdeford. It did so on Sunday under a one-day permit. But the company seems to have run out of tarmac because the hole has not been filled in (Wednesday morning) and the traffic lights remain in place.

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