Just after 10am this morning, a Shropshire Council vehicle blocked two disabled bays on Mill Street. We have had a lot of problems in this area. Not much with parking. But with civil enforcement officers challenging businesses going about their daily work.

This photo is of a civil enforcement officer emptying cash from a parking machine. He decided that he could break all rules by parking in the highway and blocking two disabled spaces.

We have a two tier society in Shropshire. Shirehall slaps a ticket on your screen when you are trying to run a business that needs to load and unload in the awkward layout of our historic town. But when it comes to Shropshire Council officers, they can block off disabled bays and park in the middle of the road at will. They seem to have on open ticket to break the law.

I will make a formal complaint to the council but it will as always be shrugged off. They will say it was only for a few minutes and it didn’t really matter. Any one of us ordinary citizens would get a penalty charge notice for a few minutes “that didn’t matter”.

One thought on “Shropshire Council showed today it has double standards on parking in Ludlow”
  1. New parking charges are criminal. For us local people and also visitors it’s very expensive and off putting. Business is hard enough without adding other obstacles

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