The dodo was once a flightless bird. Now it is little more than a legend and the butt of jokes. That happened after western colonisation of Mauritius introduced predators, including humans who shot the helpless bird. Fast forward to 2019. A UN panel warns that we face a biodiversity crisis with a million species in threat of extinction. Last month, CO2 levels in the atmosphere reached a level not seen since humans existed. It is time to declare a climate emergency and Shropshire Council will do that on Thursday. My fear is that the council will adopt a motion that slaps itself on the back and declares business as usual. We need urgent action not token gestures.

Alice the Dodo will be at the protest

That’s why we need a good crowd outside Shirehall as councillors arrive on Thursday. I hear a demonstration is arranged for 9.15am. Please come along. Bring all your friends and, of course, bring a dodo if you have one.

I’ll be there. I hope to speak. And I will be accompanied Alice the Dodo as symbol of how much we have destroyed and are destroying every day.

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