I have recieved several complaints from town centre residents who cannot obtain on-street parking permits for the zone in which they live. Residents ring MiPermit, the Shropshire Council contractor to deliver parking charges. They are then told their property is not on the database and they are denied a permit. This hasn’t happened before. Residents would simply contact the council, supply proof they lived at a property, pay a fee and the permit was in the post.

But if you live in some addresses on Broad Street, Corve Street, Lower Galdeford, Market Street and other streets you are now denied a permit.

The cause of the problem seems to be that Shropshire Council has changed from the common sense approach of using council tax records as a proof of residence to the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG). Internet sources suggest that this gazetteer is maintained by local councils. But how can that be when many council tax payers’ properties are excluded from the LLPG?

This is something of a mystery to me but I have asked officers to explain what is happening. A reply might take some time but in the meanwhile, if you have had a problem with on-street or other permits, email me at andy@andybodders.co.uk. I want to build up a list of properties denied permits so that this policy can be challenged.

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