This article is triggered by an application from housing provider Connexus to fell five trees in the heart of Ludlow. It is written amid growing concern about the loss of trees within and around the town without replacement. It is widely accepted that we are in a climate emergency. Trees have a vital role to pay in our fight against global warming.

The latest application is to fell five semi-mature trees in a small social housing community on Chandler’s Close near the Ludlow Mascall Centre. These trees do not pose an immediate danger. But they are growing too large. Their roots are already lifting the pavements and could damage the foundations of the bungalows. Two trees also threaten an old stone wall, which is now being supported by rubble bags after a partial collapse.

Having spoken to residents and looked at the damage the trees have caused and will potentially cause, I am convinced there is no alternative to felling four of them. But there is no space to replace the trees on Chandlers Close. That is why we need to encourage everyone who fells a tree to find a way of planting at least one tree to replace it. Two would be better. If there is no space in the same street or garden, replacement trees should be planted elsewhere.

Trees 1 and 2 from Chandlers Close looking towards Ludlow Mascall Centre
These trees threaten the stability of the stone wall behind them
One tree has already been felled after it caused part of the stone wall to collapse
Buttress supporting wall threatened by the trees
The Field Maple is too close to properties and risks undermining foundations.
The Rowan needs management
The fifth tree is overshadowing a bungalow and undermining the access path

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