Update 9 September. Due to the wet weather, repairs will not now begin until Thursday 12 September.

Good news on the pothole front. Our town is riddled with potholes and a bumpy ride is quite normal. While a few of the big potholes have been patched, the backlog remains large. The council’s consultants have now identified 82 defects within Ludlow that require repair. These are shown on the map below. They will be repaired overnight on 9-11 September.

Shropshire Council’s highways contractor, Kier, will be using a new technique to quickly repair potholes. Under the process, which the highways team says is “extremely quiet”, potholes are cleaned out, filled with a material called Texpatch and covered with a patch. This is expected to provide a longer-lasting, smoother, neater finish compared to traditional pothole repairs. The process has already been trialled in Whitchurch and Market Drayton.

This is welcome news. Potholes are a hazard and they damage vehicles. They also give a poor impression of our town to visitors. It’s great that these potholes are to be repaired in time for the Food Festival which begins on 13 September.

Map of proposed pothole repairs (PDF).

Click for larger image
Typical pothole patching in Ludlow
Occasionally, pothole patching is much better
This what we are expecting next week in Ludlow
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