Marilyn Gaunt has produced an excellent video of the Golbal Stike 4 March in Ludlow on 29 November 2019.

29 November is Black Friday. The pre-Christmas internet buying binge. It is immediately followed by White Van Man Saturday, Odd Jobber Sunday and Courier Hell Monday.

Ludlow business Isla Bikes is saying enough is enough. It is blacking out its website on the biggest internet sales day of the year. That’s real commitment to the cause of tackling the climate emergency. You can give support by joining the Global Strike 4 Future March or coming to the gathering in Events Square.

The march begins at Isla Bikes at Lower Barns, SY8 4DS at 10.00am. You can also join at the Charlton (no parking in the car park please) at 10.30am. Speeches etc. will be held outside the Castle in Events Square from 11am to 2pm.

It is time to march for the future of our planet. Come waving your banners. Banging your drums. Ringing your bells. Blowing your horns. And, of course, lots of singing and shouting.

Isla Bikes explains why it is taking action on 29 November.


We are facing a global climate emergency. Scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. Our governments around the world are failing to act with the urgency necessary to prevent the impending catastrophe.

A single child, Greta Thunberg, has catalysed an international movement of Global Strikes 4 Future calling on governments to ACT NOW. They are still not listening.

We believe the scientists and want to add our support to our children’s cries for help.


Islabikes will close for the day and join the Global Strike 4 Future in Ludlow on Friday 29th November.

Our website will be closed for 24hrs on what happens to be Black Friday and our biggest trading day of the year. This is a big statement from us and a measure of just how seriously we take the current situation.

We will march from our Lower Barns location into the centre of Ludlow where we will demonstrate for three hours before returning to Lower Barns.

If you are concerned too – please join us!!!

We understand you may feel a little self-conscious taking action in town but we hope that knowing a large group of us will be there will give you the courage to come out and stand up for what you believe in.

Please circulate this to anyone you know who may be interested – businesses, schools, clubs, churches and friends.

On the day

We plan the “mood” of the action to be family friendly and awareness raising, nothing confrontational. Banners and singing will be the order of the day!

10:00am – Leave Islabikes and march via Ludford Bridge and Broad Street to Castle Square (join us here to march with us, arrive early if you’d like a cuppa first).

10:30am approx – Cross Ludford Bridge (join us here for a shorter walk).

11:00am approx – Arrive Events Square, in Castle Square (join us here to protest with us).

2:00pm – March back to Islabikes premises at Lower Barns.

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