Shropshire Council has issued an update on the closure of the A4117. Officers say they are concentrating on trying sort out the traffic jam on Squirrel Lane. The roadworks should end by midday tomorrow.

Dear Councillors,

As an update – the feedback from site is that the repair is progressing well and, barring any further unforeseen circumstances, works are still scheduled to complete and the A4117 re-opened by midmorning tomorrow.

The focus today has been attempting to further mitigate the issues with traffic using Squirrel Lane as a cut-through.

We have requested that STW’s traffic management operatives review the existing signing stating “ROAD CLOSED – ACCESS TO FRONTAGES ONLY” at either end of the lane and look to provide a more robust arrangement, including a barrier system and a physical presence during working hours to deter traffic using this as a through route – whilst maintaining the required access for residents, businesses and emergency vehicles.

The “One Network” mapping system has now updated to show that Squirrel Lane is “CLOSED – ACCESS ONLY” and a signed diversion in place.

One thought on “Further update from Shropshire Council on Rocks Green A4117 closure”
  1. Its staggering the number of people who disregard road closed signs and put other people at risk; 100’s of them an hour.
    What the council has done is to little and far to late the road closure was not an emergency and has allowed ST and the County Council to get away with inadequate planning and assessment of risk, plus inadequate planning for those trying to use the road network

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