Shropshire Council is planning to ban parking in the market and castle area at all times. It also wants to prohibit loading between 10am and 2pm. The restrictions will not apply Castle Street from outside cancer Research through to Ludlow Assembly Rooms.

Council are suggesting creating a one way system from Spar to Betfred and Pizza Express. They also want to make Church Street and Harp Lane one way.

These proposals will be discussed at the town council meeting on Monday, 29 January, 7pm at the Guildhall. Members of the public can address the chamber for a maximum of three minutes each, at the discretion of the deputy mayor, Robin Pote, who will be chairing this meeting.

The origin of these proposals lies in concern about inconsiderate parking on Market Square and Events Square. Currently the only area where restrictions apply and can be enforced is the area between Vision Express and the market. This is of course the area where civil enforcement officers frequently slap tickets on vehicles because most motorists don’t realise that this is a restricted zone.

The new proposal will extend the no waiting at any time zone to cover Market Square, Events Square, Church Street and Harp Lane. This will be implemented as a Pedestrian Zone with signs up to 1615mm high (5ft 4in) by 595mm wide (2ft) at the entrances to the zone.

The proposed ban 24 hours, seven days a week. Officers give an explanation for this:

“A prohibition of waiting restrictions at all times is required rather than just during the day time for consistency aid compliance and to assist with enforcement requirements.” [sic]

If this argument was true, all restrictions on waiting across the country would be 24×7. I can see no reason why the restrictions should only be in place between the hours of 6am and 6pm. But I am sure we will hear an explanation from officers on Monday.

I don’t see the need for a one way system. That’s just more signage in a heritage area that doesn’t have traffic problems on the streets in question. Twelve new signs are proposed for the entire scheme.  Removing the unnecessary one way system would reduce the number of signs to seven and simplify others.

The proposal is to bar loading between 10am and 2pm. I wonder what would happen if traders on the market want to pack up and go home at midday because weather conditions are deteriorating. Will they get a ticket for safeguarding their stock and themselves?

I expect the debate at Ludlow Town Council tomorrow night to be lively.

Ludlow Town Council Agenda 29 January 2020 – pedestrian zone proposal.

3 thought on “Ludlow Town Council to discuss plans for prohibition of parking in the market area tomorrow night”
  1. About time these restrictions were introduced. I would challenge anyone to be able to drive in either direction regarding Church Street and Harp Lane during the daytime. The other day two white vans were parked in Harp Lane, you wouldn’t have been able to walk down it.

  2. This has come about because drivers do know they are parking. They know full well they should not be parking in the Square. It is a real indictment that people sitting on seats on the approach to the castle can see no further than a clutter or cars and vans.

    Rather like the issue of dog fouling on our streets, it requires tough action to change behaviour of those who are inconsiderate. If we spend another two years discussing as to where we should put bollards in place then the problem will worsen.

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