Bad parking has long been an issue in the market area. When there is not a market on Market Square, cars squeeze between the stalls to avoid paying parking charges. They litter Events Square much of the time and create an ugly setting for the castle. Post Office Square, which is the bit between the market stalls and Harp Lane, is notorious for penalty tickets being slapped on parked vehicles.

A scheme from Shropshire Council that aimed to end this was rejected by Ludlow Town Council.

Now Councillors Ginger and Pote have come back with a completely different scheme. They want demountable bollards and chains around Events Square and Market Square.

Councillors have long criticised the practice of cars parking in the market area’s squares (even though some councillors have been seen do this themselves). A draconian proposal to resolve the issue was presented at the January meeting of Ludlow Town Council. It would have led to yet more penalty charge notices and prevented any vehicle access to Harp Lane. It was thrown out by a slim majority of councillors.

Street traders have been prevented from trading on Events Square because of the parked vehicles. And vehicles left overnight have sometimes got in the way of market traders setting up their stalls earlier in the morning.

Councillors Pote and Ginger are proposing posts and chains on both Events Square and Market Square. However, the town clerk and the market manager are uncertain that this scheme will work for Market Square. On Monday, 9 March, town councillors are being asked to agree the following:

  • To seek in principle agreement from Shropshire Council to put posts and chains around Events Square
  • To arrange an informal meeting with Shropshire Council to further discuss the possibilities of a Traffic Restriction Order on the Market Square & Post Office Square
  • To further research the posts and chains proposal for the market square and consult with the market traders.
14 thought on “Ludlow Town Council to discuss bollards as a solution to market area parking”
  1. Great. Yet more expensive ugly street furniture to deface Ludlow just so that SCC can fleece our Town

    1. ‘Ugly’ street furniture would surely look a darn sight better than all the cars that are scattered over the square in the evening?

      As somebody who has hired Event Square in the past to put on an event – arriving to find cars parked on there when they shouldn’t, is a real problem.

      I’ve also been guilty of parking on Market Sq in the evening before… it is convenient, there’s no denying but if I’m honest it’s laziness on my part. How many parking spaces does it actually affect anyway…? 20..? Hard to beleive those drivers can’t find somewhere else to park a bit further away. We all like to park close to town if we can but it’s not always possible.

  2. Oh dear, guilty as charged – but only in the evening and on Post Office Square. The band plays in the Rose & Crown – carrying instruments (tuba, trombone, full-size keyboard) and speakers much further would be a problem – especially as the band members are all over 60 (some over 80). The car park is often full before 7.30 as there are popular dance classes in the Assembly Rooms on that night as well. Bollards and chains seems a bit draconian.

    1. You would be loading and that is allowed on Post Office Square. You must return to your vehicle every ten minutes to load or unload or risk getting a ticket. It is unlikely that the 24-hour parking restrictions on Post Office Square will be lifted under any scenario. I would like parking allowed on this square from 6pm until midnight but there is not a consensus view among councillors on this.

  3. rebuild the town hall problem solved no to bollards there enough signage and the likes without more lumps of metal ,repair roads before wasting poll tax money on these petty schemes .

  4. Perhaps LTC should stop thinking like a parish council, and turn this to their advantage.
    Put a meter on the square!
    (They could charge the traders who park on there while trading, too)
    Be proactive!

  5. Perhaps LTC should stop thinking like a parish council, and turn this to their advantage.
    Put a meter on the square!
    (They could charge the traders who park on there while trading, too)
    Be proactive!

  6. No parking without a permit unless for deliveries? Permits for Market traders at preferential rates.
    Permits to be displayed when parking.

  7. I hate to see Councilors deciding on this sort of thing without considering how ugly the bare steel and empty plots already look in the centre.
    The fact is councilors, we, the people paid for your car parks…for you to charge us, we paid for the centre to be built, removing a really lovely Town Hall and now when there is nothing else for the plot to do in the evenings except to be laid bare…want to deny us parking in a lot we paid for.

    Sometimes it is irritating for people who live here and use the parking in the centre (which is hardly more ugly than the market layout) to be told you want to stop us…we cause no issue.

    Another case of you knowing better than the people who supply the money to enable you to do things on our behalf…parking is the least of your worries…try spending less on flowers and more on the people who pay rates / council tax…and give us the facilities we deserve…

    Clear the market daily and put something attractive in the square and then come and moan about our parking there int he evening when the town is empty…its spot the pedestrian after 6 in Ludlow..

    Come on councilors you are completely out of order on this one…

    Concentrate on the pandemic and flooding and do something useful…

  8. Have always thought that a parking meter should be installed which would make it fair for all including residents who have to buy a permit to park on the street. Not sure why market traders should get preferential treatment when they don’t pay rates.
    The main reason for sorting this problem out is the hazard it causes for visually impaired and other disabled people.
    One question is why do LTC need permission from SSC when they own the land, would have thought maybe conservation area planning consent only.
    Finally a pet hate, why does the Town Clerk have so much power over elected councillors? always thought it should be an administration position only.

  9. Or better still look at sorting the roads out around the town the pot holes are getting worse
    Finally the biggest around the junction with Spencer’s have been filled I’ve seen the contractors there again today (second time)but surprise surprise filled 2 bit left the other 10 surely somebody doing the job would have made a phone call to someone higher up the chain and asked the question while we are here shall we sort the rest
    If I ran my business like this I’d be out of a job in no time

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