Ludlow Town council has now cancelled the market.

Reduced stalls, non-food markets cancelled. But you can still get a cup of tea. That’s the future of Ludlow Market during the coronavirus crisis. This is vital. Not everyone wants to shop at a supermarket. Not everyone feels comfortable with crowded aisles and queues to the checkout. Many people prefer to buy from independent traders rather than the international retail giants.

Ludlow Market will be a socially distanced market from Wednesday. Only every second stall used.

I observed behaviour in town today. It was very different from that even on Saturday. People stood at a respectful distance.

We are in unknown territory. We have not had a peacetime crisis like this in our lifetimes. We don’t know how to react to something we barely understand.

It is ironic that the growing concern over Covid-19 has led to people cramming into crowded supermarkets aisles and rushing into overly busy open spaces, including mountains and beaches.

People need exercise. They need to get out of their homes to shop. One of the realities of this crisis that the most vulnerable people are least able to live and work online. Help is available across our town and its hinterland. Your first port of call is Pulling Together Ludlow (01584 817250).

Ludlow Town Council is now working with our communuty to keep our town alive in the coming months. That’s the reason behind the socially distanced market.

The market is central to our town. It has taken decades to build up support from traders as well as residents. I could not imagine Ludlow without it.

Statement from the Mayor of Ludlow, Tim Gill

“The footfall in Ludlow has severely reduced which is exactly what is needed to help combat coronavirus, but there is a balance to be struck to make sure Ludlow’s residents can get adequate food and household supplies.

“At a time when extreme pressure is being exerted on supermarkets, Ludlow’s local butchers, bakers, smaller specialist food retailers, and Ludlow market have a part to play. Some people prefer shopping in the open rather than being part of the supermarkets’ scrums.

“Things are very difficult and we want to preserve Ludlow market as a source of food and household goods. We have waived the rent for a three month period and adjusted the way the market is laid out so that an empty stall is left between each trader to assist with social distancing.

“Ludlow Town Council would not encourage anyone to travel other than for essential journeys for food and other supplies. And it is important that self-isolating is observed and anyone over seventy, or with underlying health conditions should not leave the house at all.

“Community spirit is as strong as ever in Ludlow, and this is very heartening. Victoria Harris has set up a Facebook group called Pulling Together Ludlow. This is a coalition of GPs from Portcullis and Station Drive, Hands Together Ludlow, Ludlow Area Virus Volunteers and many others. The group enables people to volunteer to help with food shopping, and important errands for people who are self-isolating.

“If you live in Ludlow and need help during this period of social isolation call Pulling Together Ludlow on 01584 817250 Mon-Fri 9 am to 5pm: Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 3 pm. There is a website to visit

“These are difficult times and even the smallest kindness means a great deal.”

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  1. The socially-distanced market is an excellent idea. I was there shopping (always my preferred option) this morning. One of the traders, who is also a neighbour, informed me, though, that the County Council intends to close the public conveniences in Castle Street car park (allegedly for lack of staff, but I bet that’s not going to happen in Shrewsbury). If the market is to continue through these dark times, as it should, we must have the public lavatories open too.

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