Next Thursday 9 April, from 9am to 2pm, a pop up food shop will be in business outside the Local to Ludlow shop at Castle Square, Ludlow. That is just by the market. The stall will feature food and drink from many of the small independent traders we know well from the twice monthly Thursday Local to Ludlow markets.

This will be a pilot open air stall where strict social distancing will apply. I hope people will drop by and buy. Many people will be able to walk to the market area, though some people from the outskirts will need to drive. If you do so, please use the occasion to pick up as much shopping and pharmaceuticals as you need for the days ahead to reduce travel. Buses are running to a very reduced timetable.

Local to Ludlow in normal times

Local to Ludlow’s plan is to have items for sale from several of the stallholders that make Ludlow Local Produce Market such a success. The following producers have so far confirmed they will supply food and drink: Perry Wood Farm (lamb and mutton), Augernick Fruit Farm (seasonal fruit and cobnuts), appleTeme (apple juice), Pentre Farm (vegetarian food pre-order only starting 16 April), Shropshire Honey, Matty’s Delices (bread and baked goods), Shropshire Salumi, Lizzie’s Layers, Hundred House Coffee, Key Cottage Catering, Fletchers Cider, along with other local producers including Lane Cottage Produce (salad bags). For the latest update check the Local to Ludlow website or Facebook page.

The shop will be outdoors, directly in front of the Local to Ludlow shop. There will be strict adherence to social distancing rules. All payments must be made by contactless card. Please bring your own shopping bag. If successful Local to Ludlow will be hosting a regular weekly pop up shop.

Tish Dockerty, market manager of the Ludlow Local Produce Market, said:

“We need to keep our small food and drink producers going through this extreme situation. Sales have just plummeted since lock down, especially since it was announced the markets were to close. Many of the stallholders are offering free deliveries to incentivise people to think outside the box when shopping for goods. Operating outdoors is nothing unusual for us and is probably far healthier than going inside a busy shop.”

A list of stallholders making deliveries or taking online sales can be found on the Local to Ludlow website

Local to Ludlow is a Community Interest Company that promotes food and drink from within 30 miles of Ludlow with the aim of reducing the environmental cost of food production and to support the local food economy.

10 thought on “Covid Watch 23: Local to Ludlow to launch pop open air stall next Thursday, 9 April #coronavirus”
  1. Is this sanctioned by LTC? They haven’t publicised it.
    How will it be ‘policed’?
    Whilst I totally agree with the thought processes behind it, I’m concerned at the problems it may cause, and the mixed messages from LTC regarding the market.
    It also appears a little unfair to other market traders, who aren’t allowed to trade.

  2. This is nothing to do with LTC. It is not on the market. Just beside the market.

  3. What about an invite from Local to Ludlow to the food traders on the regular, currently defunct, retail market-many who produce the food they sell. Unsurprisingly, not forthcoming. It would be better if these people either stuck to home delivery, as we are, or stopped at home. How will this prevent social gathering despite good intentions.

    1. Shrewsbury runs a socially distanced market. That’s what we should be doing in Ludlow. The Mayor and at least some councillors support a social distanced market. This is a stall related to the business it will be outside on space for which the business has a licence.

  4. I would have thought that LTC should have needed to give permission for this, they run the market, after all. Is the event insured? How will the governments advice be adhered to by the people it attracts? How big will it be?
    I totally understand the reasoning behind this, however
    I would have thought that what will effectively be an unauthorised, unregulated market that doesn’t include some regular traders and does goes against government guidelines will cause more problems than it will solve, not least for LTC.

  5. If not on the market, I presume on the pavement?
    Home deliveries much better than encouraging people to venture outside without guranteed distancing procedures in place.

    1. The business has a pavement licence, as do many in Ludlow. A lot has been learnt about social distancing in a very short time, by retailers and by shoppers. Shrewsbury is keeping its indoor market going with social distancing rules. If supermarkets, butchers, greengocers and corner shops can social distance, why not an open air stall?

  6. I read the article as it being more of a market stall.
    I’m sure in these times, people’s concerns are understandable – anything with a perceived potential to encourage a gathering will be sensitive. I hope all goes as it should.

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