By all accounts, the pop up Local to Ludlow shop last Thursday was a great success with Tish Dockerty and family running out of stuff to sell. Social distancing was maintained in a friendly and disciplined way.

Pop up Local to Ludlow is back tomorrow. From 9am to 1pm, or whenever the supplies run out.

In the light of this success, I think Ludlow Town Council should look again at opening a social distanced market. We must do all we can support our independent traders. People in Ludlow have learnt social distancing. We should do all we can to support the local traders that make our town centre and market such a success.

There was a clear split of opinion on social media about the idea of a pop up shop. Most people supported the initiative. The antis were vociferous believing that no one should venture to the town centre to shop. They didn’t explain where they shopped but there was an underlying thread that going into the air conditioned environments of Tesco and Aldi was healthier than a social distanced wait in the open air in the market area.

Some regular traders on the market felt it was unfair that Local to Ludlow could trade but they weren’t being offered a pop-up market. In my view these traders should be given the opportunity to trade in the Market Square. Shrewsbury Indoor Market is open, with strict social distancing in place. I don’t see why we can’t do the same for Ludlow Market.

It would be necessary to use tape and barriers to enclose the market. And to have stewards to control entry on a ‘count them all in, count them all out basis.’ A one way system would need to be in place. Social distancing would need to be chalked out. Only around half the market could be used. But it could work.

Whether it is worth it financially for the traders would need to be tested. If charges for the stalls were waived, some traders might wish to try it, perhaps on a Saturday. I think we should try it.

I think everyone in Ludlow who shops with our independent traders and market stall holders has learnt social distancing by now. We know that shoppers can act responsibly. We also know that we want our long standing traders to survive during this unprecedented emergency.

We don’t know when the lockdown will end or what the exit strategy will be. With most events in Ludlow cancelled for the next three months, we need to do all we can to boost the economy of our town.

6 thought on “Covid Watch 34: Is it time for Ludlow Town Council to open a social distanced market after success of the pop up shop?”
  1. Sounds like a great idea, Andy. Ludlow needs to get back to normal in a measured and safe way, albeit a new kind of normal.

    ps Coronavirus has been found in a Singaporean hospital aircon system (Mail Online 7.3.20). Are the AC systems found in Ludlow supermarkets somehow immune, I wonder?

  2. I know I am going to get slated for this – but Mr Boddington have you lost the plot? How is social distancing going to be enforced in an open Market situation? It just would not be feasible and to be honest is actually reckless at this time. There are confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ludlow including 5 cases in Ludlow Hospital. I want to open my business in town, but I am not prepared to put anyone’s life at risk.

    1. I think we should be cautious about talking about the number of lcoal cases unless there is an announcment from health professionals.

  3. I did not know that we have 5 cases of covid in our local hospital. Perhaps we could have an update
    Also do the medical staff have the essential PPR needed? I hope so otherwise they are at risk, also their families.

    1. I think we should be cautious about talking about the number of lcoal cases unless there is an announcment from health professionals.

  4. I do not agree as I think that local people should be aware that the infection is around here locally. Sometimes the social distance is not being followed. generally it is good just the odd person coming far too close.
    Also given the lack of decent PPE everywhere useful to know if our local NHS are well protected. If not maybe possible a way in which we could help, money? To buy it for our locals?

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