At 2pm this afternoon, Ludlow Town Council issued new plans for a social distanced market in Ludlow. This follows feedback from its initial plans and discussion among councillors. Unfortunately, these were not circulated to unitary councillors or published on the town council’s website.

This hurried post distils the essence of documents I first saw half an hour ago. There will be two layouts discussed tonight. Both are different from those in the published papers, which I summarised here.

The new plans allow for up to 22 or 25 businesses to trade from the market from stalls, gazebos or vans. “All stalls, pitches and van spaces will be allocated by ballot.”

The first option to be discussed tonight
The second option to be discussed tonight
3 thought on “Covid Watch 53: Ludlow Town Council sets out new plans for Ludlow Market hours before vital council decision meeting”
  1. So. Markets open on Monday.
    They say there will be somebody to remind of social distancing.

  2. Can you tell me why, when passing trade is the lifeblood of marktraders,that our gazebos have been positioned in an area where no one walks?
    I think everyone is agreed that it would be a really tough time for us,,even if things were in our favour. This plan could be the final nail in the coffin for our once viable business.
    I really do not know where to turn. How am I going to survive this?

  3. Stick with it Richard, we will try and make it work but I feel like we have all been chucked under a bus.

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