Sandpits Road closed from 13 July 2020 to February 2021 for utility and safety works – New Road is one way from October to February

We have been expecting this work for a while. There has long been a problem with flooding of properties at Whitefriars off Sandpits Road. However, to allow sewers to realigned and their capacity increased, other utilities need to be moved – electricity, gas, telecoms and water. That’s a big task, hence the length of the closure – up to nine months. Severn Trent Water (STW) will also upgrade the sewers on New Road during the same contract.  

Pedestrian access is unaffected. Access to the school and homes will be maintained, including for emergency services. As part of the works, STW will install a raised table outside the school entrance to slow traffic. That’s a long awaited road safety project.

Current plans are to close Sandpits Road between Beech Gardens/Julian Road and Henley Road from 13 July to 26 February 2021. New Road will be one way uphill from 5 October to 26 February 2021. Dates may vary depending on weather and how work progresses.

This work is in Tracey Huffer’s ward, Ludlow East. She said:

“There will be a long period of disruption. But it is essential to prevent future flooding at Whitefriars. The work will also sort out the mess of utilities under Sandpits Road.

“I am really pleased that the long awaited road safety scheme will go ahead outside Ludlow Primary School. Governors, teachers and parents have complained about speeding traffic for years. The proposed raised platform outside the school entrance will slow traffic and identify a safer crossing point for pupils and parents.

“Sandpits Road can be very busy. Trucks travelling to and from the Western Power Distribution depot on the Riddings doesn’t help. I am not suggesting they are driving unsafely but it the wrong type of traffic for a residential street that passes a school. The depot is expected to move to a new site between the Eco Park and the substation on Squirrel Lane shortly. Along with the raised platform, this will ensure that Sandpits Road is as safe as we can make it and feels safe for pedestrians.”

The road closures will increase traffic on Livesey Road and St Julian’s Avenue. There will be greater traffic pressure on Gravel Hill, especially once New Road becomes one way in October. We may need to consider suspending some parking bays to ease the flow of vehicles. We can resolve that once the closures are in operation and we have observed traffic flow. The Riddings, St Margaret’s Road and Parys Road are also likely to see extra traffic movement.

Buses will also be diverted. I’ll publish details once we have confirmed the diversion route with Minsterley Motors. A lot will depend on when we get back to two town bus services rather than the one emergency service that runs at the moment. We have no date for that yet.