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As I reported on Friday, Bromfield Post Office and Village Store is to close at the end of August. This doesn’t just affect Bromfield. Emails and calls to over the last few days have demonstrated how important this rural post office is to the area between Ludlow and Craven Arms.

We need to have a democratic debate about the closure. We need to examine whether the current services can be maintained, which seems unlikely, or replaced by an outreach service. A post office a few hours a week. Two days a week? One day? We need to debate that.

This is the most important community issue for Bromfield since the Food Centre was built. That’s why I have asked for an urgent meeting of Bromfield Parish Council on 14 July.

We have asked Ludlow Farmshop if a representative can attend to ensure we understand the pressures it faces. We would like as many people who use Bromfield Post Office and Village Store to attend also. There will be more details before the meeting.

We don’t meet in the physical world during the Covid-19 emergency. But you can join us and contribute at 6.30pm, 14 July. We’ll be on Zoom.

3 thought on “Urgent parish council meeting to discuss closure of Bromfield Post Office and Village Store (updated)”
  1. Bromfield Post Office is a REAL ADVANTAGE to us.

    Living in Ludlow, we can easily drop in to avoid queues at Ludlow Post Office and to be able to PARK EASILY if we have big PARCELS to carry.

    WHY. actually, is it in danger of closing???

    If it is because of low footfall, that would be largely explained by the LACK IF SIGNAGE ………!!

    Many people who visit ‘The Clive’ or the Farmshop and Garden Centre and Cafe are just NOT AWARE OF THE EXISTENCE OF THE EXCELLENT LITTLE POST OFFICE WHICH IS HIDDEN AWAY FROM VIEW..

    We just hope there can be a chance of keeping it open.

    Surely the Farmshopcomplex would welcome it’s being there as many of us who do know about it also pop into the cafe , farmshop and garden shop whilst we are there.


  2. Why is it earmarked for closure?

    As has been said above it is convenient with excellent and friendly service.

    We often use the Farm Shop at the same time as visiting the PO. Our relatively frequent purchases may decrease if the PO closes.

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