Biggles the Cat was missing: he has now come home!

Back to normal in the Boddington household. Biggles the Cat has returned. He is clean, dry and not that hungry. I suspect he had been dining elsewhere and sleeping indoors. He now sports a yellow collar and I’ll get a tag later today. I don’t think the collar will last long but it will indicate that he is not a stray for a few days at least.

Biggles sporting his new collar

This is a personal post and plea.

Biggles the Cat went missing yesterday afternoon. He was last seen on Tollgate Road just after 4.30pm yesterday afternoon. He is a tabby. Short hair. Silver grey. Three years old. Slim but weighing in at around 5kg. His most distinctive feature is a tear on his left ear. He doesn’t wear a collar but is chipped.

If you live in the area, please check sheds and garages. My mobile is 07927 716163. Thank you.

Biggles is regular in his habits. He sleeps though the morning and early afternoon. He then joins the short afternoon walk with Mel the Collie and me. He feasts and sleeps until late evening when he goes on patrol. He’s usually back by 2.30am, yowling and demanding attention. But he didn’t complete the afternoon walk yesterday.

I last saw him between 4.30pm and 5pm. He was following me and Mel up Tollgate Road. As usual on this walk, we turned left onto Honey Meadow. Biggles didn’t follow. I presumed that he had gone mousing or had been distracted by something. He hasn’t been seen since.

Mel the Collie is waiting for Biggles to return. So am I. With no obvious sign of a corpse, I fear Biggles may have been locked in somewhere. Could everyone check their sheds and garages? Biggles has a wide territory. He patrols Chestnut Grove where I live. He has been seen at Screwfix and is a regular on Blashfield Road. Judging by the rabbits he brings home, he must also explore Gallows Bank.

Biggles as a kitten

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  1. Andy – I am so sorry – I’m a ‘cat person’ and know how desperately distressing it is when they go missing. He looks beautiful! I do hope you are all reunited soon, and that you’ll let us know.

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