Ludlow Town Council briefly discussed repairs to the Buttercross on Monday night. Councillors were told that stonemasons had been appointed and work had started on stone in hand. More stone has been ordered from Grinshill Quarry but there was as yet no date on delivery.

There was no debate, though Councillor Viv Parry said market traders were giving false information about the closure and asked for someone to tell them to shut up.

King Street cannot reopen until the Buttercross is repaired and that looks to be a few weeks away. At least the weather is warm. Lime mortar will not set below 5C and that is another reason for getting this work completed as soon as possible.

Damage to the Grade I Buttercross

Transcript of town council discussion 7 September 2020

Mayor Tim Gill:

“We now move on to item 12 Buttercross. To receive an update of stonework repairs to the budget costs 12A. And this is to note… Do you anything to add to that report town clerk?”

Town Clerk, Gina Wilding:

“Only that we’ve had communication from the stonemason and that they’ve put an order in for the stone that needs to be quarried. They’re hoping it will be available in two three weeks, but they are waiting for exact confirmation. In the meantime, they are carving stones that they already have at their workshop. So, they are making some progress. But we won’t be able to have a full repair until all the stone is available. As soon as we have a definite confirmation from the quarry on the lead time for the actual quarrying of the stone, and I’ll make further update.”

Tim Gill:

“The report makes it quite clear what happened when and where we are. Councillor Parry, this is to note.”

Councillor Viv Parry:

“I’m sorry to say this, but I’ve had two people approached me today to say that the market stall holders are telling everybody on the market that it’s going to be like that until after Christmas. They’ve been told by the Council, our town council, that it’s going to be like that until into February next year. So please can somebody shut these market stall holders up please?”

Tim Gill:

“Thank you very much. I’m move that we note the report and thank the Town Clerk for the detail in it. A seconder? Councillor Smithers. Those in favour, please show. It’s unanimous, thank you very much.”

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