Yesterday evening, I published the latest data for positive Covid-19 cases in Ludlow and the county. The rising number of cases is a disturbing trend but hereabouts there is no need to panic. The increase was long expected. We don’t need to change what we do. Just do it more carefully.

I thought it might be useful to publish a set of graphs that demonstrate the trends in cases for Ludlow, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, the West Midlands and England.

There is a caveat to these graphs. During the first peak in May, Covid-19 testing was not universally available. The number of cases for this period is likely to be understated. However, the principal interest in the graphs is that they show a countywide and countryside increase in positive tests in the last three weeks. That is what is causing widespread concern and a range of lockdown measures across the country. So far, there is no suggestion that these measures will apply to Shropshire. I hope not. Lockdown had its own consequences, not just for the economy but also for mental health and family relationships.

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