In my previous article, I explained that the roadworks have encountered difficulties drilling through the Tilestone in the Raglan Mudstone formation. The work is being undertaken by Amey on behalf of Seven Trent Water. Contractors will be on site and New Road will remain one way until 20 November after which two way traffic will be reinstated until 4 January.

Work on Sandpits Road will continue until 24 December and resume on 4 January.

There is now no completion date for either set of works.

The work on Sandpits Road and New Road is primarily to replace SWT sewer pipes to prevent flooding in Whitefriars and to ensure the system is fit for decades to come. Sandpits Road has always been a complex job as other utilities had to be moved and renewed at the same time. The gas network people, Cadent, are working there at present.

Ordinarily, roadworks on main roads in Shropshire’s market towns are not permitted after the second Monday in November, except emergency works, until the Monday following the first week in January. But this year is different. We enter lockdown on Thursday and we have agreed to let works continue during November where necessary.

In this case, work on New Road is behind. My view is that it is better to get as much done as possible during lockdown, otherwise work will be transferred into the New Year.

Sandpits Road is not subject to the seasonal embargo.

Work will resume on both roads from 4 January. Given the delays, there is now no confirmed finish date for either part of the scheme but a February end date is still expected.

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