There is good news on the vaccination front. Three contenders could be approved for use in the UK before Christmas. They have been developed in a record time. That shows what can be achieved when the world’s best scientists get the money they need. Not everyone is comfortable with the speed of development. Not everyone understands the scientific processes that is being undertaken. But we must all make personal decisions on how to protect our heath and how to protect the health of others . Whether or not to have a flu jab. Whether to give a child MMR. Whether to receive a novel vaccine for a novel virus.

Our anonymous survey is intended to examine the willingness of people in our area to take up a Covid-19 jab if offered. We hope you can spend a couple of minutes taking part. There are only four questions.

Early results suggest the Covid-19 vaccines will give between 62% and 95% protection. That’s better than the flu vaccine. But the idea is the same. Vaccination protects you most of the time and builds up an immunity across the population helping protect the most vulnerable.

National media have been briefed that Covid-19 vaccination could begin in hospitals as early as 7 December. The wider vaccination program is expected start before Christmas. Local GPs have been in discussion with health authorities on how best to vaccinate residents in the Ludlow area. Priorities. Venues. Transport. Ensuring that around 1,000 people a day can be vaccinated in a social distanced, safe environment. Our local health teams are getting ready for the task.

But not everyone is happy with vaccination. Tracey and I would like to know your views on vaccination at this stage. Our survey is anonymous and we have no way of identifying respondents. We just get the graphs and tables. We ask a couple of personal questions – your age and gender. These are factors that matter in any health programme.

It will only take a couple of minutes and we will publish the results next weekend.

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