Two weeks ago, I wrote about the death of Simon, a man who lived in a garage on Quarry Gardens for many years. Simon had many friends. In Ludlow. Around the country and around the world.

Arrangements for his funeral have now been made. It will take place at 11am on Monday 21 December at St Laurence’s Church in Ludlow. The costs will be borne by Shropshire Council, with support from Victoria Allen Funeral Services and St Laurence’s Parish Parochial Council. The cremation will be a non-attended event taking place the next day. The ashes will be returned to the family. If you wish to attend the funeral service, details are below.

I don’t think any one of us had a full picture of Simon’s extended circle of friends in Ludlow and far beyond. He was well liked but we could never get him into the shelter where he could settle. Where he could help himself to achieve what he wanted to achieve.

In an era of Covid-19, we are limited in the numbers that can attend any funeral. Allowing for family and officiants, we can allow around 12 additional people into the church. If you wish to attend, please email me at

The funeral will be led by the Reverend Kelvin Price. We will learn early next week whether the event can be live streamed.

If motorbikers wish to escort the hearse, please contact the funeral director, Victorian Allen 01584 879035.

I would like to thank everyone here in Ludlow and at Shropshire Council who have worked to arrange the funeral.

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