We all have many questions about vaccination. In early January, we asked people to submit their questions to an expert panel. We received around 100 responses which we condensed into 18 questions. We would like to thank the expert panel for answering these questions at a time when they are working flat out to protect people not just from Covid-19, but also from other health problems, including those that peak at this time of the year.

Andy Boddington and Tracey Huffer, Shropshire Councillors for Ludlow North and East

Our panel is:

  • Dr Catherine Beanland, Portcullis Surgery
  • Dr Caron Morton, Station Drive Surgery
  • Rachel Robinson, Director of Public Health for Shropshire.

This article is based in information available on 8 January 2021. Information about Covid-19 and the rollout of the vaccination programme is changing daily. We will keep you up to date.

Your questions answered

The panel’s responses to your questions are:

  1. The Virus and the Vaccines.
  2. Vaccination Basics.
  3. Vaccination Delivery.

The above articles are also available in a single document for printing (8 pages).

Further information


These posts and the printed versions are published under Creative Commons 4.0. That gives you the right to reuse the text including printing and distributing. Please remember this is text written with medical experts and it is not appropriate to change wording rather than quote it.

These posts have aimed to explain the vaccines and the vaccination process to the best of our knowledge. It does not constitute medical advice, which is available from 111, your pharmacist and your GP.

2 thought on “Covid Watch 111: Your Covid Vaccination Questions Answered – Introduction and Index”
  1. Hello Andy, Thank you for all the information just received. I presume that the date 8th August 2021 (on introduction) is a typo? Probably should be 8th January.

    1. Thanks for spotting that! It’s been a lot of editing and I am becoming blind to the text!!

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