The fall in infection rates is continuing, though not in Ludlow where cases have reached their highest level. In the week to last Sunday, there were 27 positive tests for Covid-19 among Ludlow residents. Before this, the seven day rate of cases briefly hit 30. These are the highest rates we have seen and are due to localised outbreaks. Only Market Drayton has a higher rate in Shropshire, seven day infection rate of 341 per 100,000 people compared to a rate of 246 in Ludlow. We understand this is due to localised outbreaks and that all those who have tested positive in Ludlow are expected to recover.

It doesn’t need saying but please stay safe and follow the social distancing rules. We are not out of this yet. It will be weeks before we can relax.

At the head of this article is a graph showing the number of cases for each week, which is a measure that is easier to relate to the town around us. The graphs below show the seven day infection rates across the area and nationally. For the first time, south west Shropshire has higher infection rates than south east Shropshire.

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