On March 23, 2020 England went into its first lockdown. Addressing the nation on nearly all media channels prime minister Boris Johnson told us we could only shop for basic necessities. Essential goods, like new shoes and undies, became non-essential. We were instructed to limit outdoor exercise to once a day. Lockdown restricted travel only to and from essential work. The UK was told stay at home. Most of us did.

We are being asked tomorrow to observe a minute’s silence at 12 midday and take part in a national doorstep vigil at 8.00pm to reflect on the impact of the epidemic and the 125,000 people in the UK who died after testing positive for Covid-19.

The Marie Curie charity is calling for a National Day of Reflection tomorrow. I hope that everyone will support it. Twelve noon is designated for a minute of silence. 8pm will shine light on the future as everyone is asked to stand on their doorsteps to shine a light towards the sky.

People are desperate to get out and meet people and to be human. But we are being warned that we may need to wear face coverings and socially distance for several years. We are getting used to understanding people’s emotions through the smile in their eyes but it is not the same as a broad grin.

With uncertainties over vaccine supplies increasing due to technical problems and threats from the EU to block exports it may be a while before we return to a semblance of normal. Until then, we must grin and bear it behind our face masks.

But tomorrow, we must stop what we are doing to remember those we have lost and those that have suffered. I hope everyone will join in.

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