Simon Calder is the Independent’s roving travel correspondent. To describe him as “dedicated follower of travel” (with apologies to the Kinks) would be an understatement. Appearing across the networks, he is on his way to becoming a modern day Alan Wicker. Want to know where to travel to? Problems with getting to your destination? Call for Simon Calder.

At the weekend, he said that he expected Shropshire to do really well as lockdown is eased and is not as highly rated as it should be. He went on to describe Ludlow as an “absolute joy”. Thank you Simon. We owe you a beer or two next time you drop by.

Interviewed by Paul Shuttleworth on BBC Radio Shropshire, Simon Calder said:

“I’ll be heading to the beautiful English countryside and I very much hope to get to Shropshire, a county I think will actually do really well. Given the geographical location it’s a great place for people to meet up. Maybe if you have family in the north and family in the south, it’s a really good meeting point and of course so many wonderful locations to discover. I think it is not as highly rated as it should be. I just love the place and can’t wait to return.

“I’m a particular fan for instance of Ludlow, which I think is just an absolute joy. It’s a beautiful market town. It’s a got a wonderful old castle. Great places to eat and drink. And of course, they will be opening up from the 17th of May in all their glory.”

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