Shropshire Council has absurdly restricted indoor youth activities of Ludlow Youth Centre to three people. That is of course impractical as it means indoor youth sessions are restricted to one young person and the required two youth workers. Is this is a move to close the Youth Centre to youth activities? It is beginning to look like the endgame for the Youth Centre. Shropshire Council has already transferred the music room and breakout rooms to commercial and other services. Now, it is putting obstacles in the way of reopening the building to youth use.

We are calling on friends and users of Youth Centre to join a protest next Tuesday, 7 September, at 3.30pm at the Youth Centre. Photographers from local media are due at 3.45pm and 4.00pm. We hope you will join us.

Children will need to be accompanied by parents to give permission for photographs to be taken, an informal process that just involves saying yes.

Shropshire Council’s cabinet portfolio holder for young people will respond to a series of questions from Tracey Huffer on Wednesday morning. We need to pile up the pressure before then. That’s the idea of the protest.

Ludlow battled for around 25 years to get a dedicated Youth Centre. Since Shropshire Council inherited it, it has been treated a commercial asset not a community asset. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to suspect that the cash strapped council is eyeing it up for sale.

We can’t lose our Youth Centre. Our ambition should be to reopen the Youth Centre to youth activities immediatley, including Ludlow Young Health. In the longer term transfer it to the community for dedicated youth use.

Tuesday at 3.30pm is the moment that we put our foot down and tell Shropshire Council:

“Give us back our Youth Centre!”

We hope you can join us.

5 thought on ““Give us back our Youth Centre!” Protest at Ludlow Youth Centre Tuesday 3.30pm. Please come”
  1. Andy, I am not able to join the protest on Tuesday, but I fully support the need for more venues and activities for our youngsters. Good luck with your and your fellow-councillors’ endeavours.

    Rosemary Wood

  2. Living in Leeds I will not be able to attend but I wish you all the luck.Closing it down will turn out to be a bad decisionIt must be combatted.

  3. Hi we used to live in Ludlow and recently relocated to Scotland. However, both my children loved and valued the youth centre. Ludlow desperately needs to provide for the younger generations. We support the protest from north of the border. Shropshire Council needs to stop asset stripping

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