A listed building application published yesterday proposes removal of the ATM at Barclays on King Street (22/03177/LBC). This is one of the most popular ATMs in town and there are often queues at weekends and during festivals. It will be a shame to lose it but its loss is inevitable with Barclays closing on 26 August.

Removal of the ATM is part of a refurbishment of 3 King Street to return the building to its previous pre-bank condition. The ATM was inserted through a window which will be reconstructed once the ATM is removed.

We will still five external cash tills in the town centre, three outside the centre and four in-store tills.

There are a number of external ATMs in Ludlow. Lloyds Bank (2), Nationwide, NatWest and One Stop in the town centre. Tesco on the edge of the centre, One Stop in East Hamlet and Sainsbury’s at Rocks Green.

Many people draw cash when they come to the town for the festivals and other events. They like to spend cash because it helps them keep track of how much they are spending and within budget. I have returned home from events several times to see the next day that I have spent more than intended. I am sure I am not alone.

We are moving inexorably towards a cashless society. Nearly all shops, and most market traders accept card payment, as do Ludlow buses. But not everyone is yet comfortable with using electronic payments.

We must ensure that we keep sufficient access to cash to those that want it and need it.

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