The town council currently has two vacant seats, one in in Hayton Ward and another in Gallows Bank Ward. They are to be filled by co-option on Monday night. There in only one applicant for Hayton Ward and four candidates for Gallows Bank Ward. Each of candidates will be invited to speak for up to three minutes after which councillors will elect the two councillors by a simple majority. If a tie occurs, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated and a further vote taken.

Ludlow Town Council meets in the Methodist Church at 7.00pm on Monday, 1 August.

The candidates have provided a detailed statement of their ambitions as councillors, their background and their skills. Below, I report only the answer to the question: “Please briefly outline of why you are interested in being a parish councillor.”

Hayton Ward

Stuart White of Border Computers is the only candidate. In his pitch for the role, he says:

I have lived in Ludlow for over 55 years. I was educated in Ludlow. I work in Ludlow. I am a business owner and employer based in Ludlow. I am passionate about Ludlow, its heritage and it’s future.

Gallows Bank Ward

There are four candidates:

Stuart White as above.

Jessica Laurie:

I wish to assist in the improvement of the town for the people who live in it – for those who contribute to the economy and those who seek help from it. Ludlow is well positioned to be a resilient community in the future. Climate change is happening, we all need to reduce our demands on dwindling resources – Ludlow can set an example of how people can work together for common good. It is a thriving town in part, in other parts (the often unseen) people are struggling. I want to help balance that and help to create a cooperative, inclusive, tolerant and strong community. I have two children aged 2 and 5, I want to ensure their future is safe. I grew up in Ludlow and have seen the good and the bad here – I feel It is timely for me to try and do something proactive within its governance.

Daniel Seal:

I have always been interested in being active in the community. I was elected as Councillor in Hazel Grove in Stockport aged twenty two with fifteen thousand inhabitants and did my very best for them. Thirty hours a week on average on top of my full time job in a bank.

Alexander Urka:

I have always been interested in how parish councils can influence decision making and improve the health and well-being of local residents. I am very passionate about the area in which I live and would welcome the opportunity to work with local residents and community groups, to understand their needs and address any issues they may have. I have extensive local government experience where I have worked with a wide range of partner organisations across all sectors to improve services. This involved community engagement, influencing decision making, securing inward investment and maximising the use of available resources.

Christine Walker:

I have lived in Shropshire for 25 years and in Ludlow for 5½ of them. It is a community that I like and respect and I would like to give something back and help where I can. [I appreciate I will need to get up to date on the legal environment.]

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