This article is a list of the recommendations made by Shropshire Council’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Ludlow (LCWIP) along with my additional proposals. For most LCWIP proposals, I comment on whether I support them or not. For some, I make no comment in this gazetteer because my opinion doesn’t boil down to one line. For a full explanation of all of the proposals, along with maps, see a Movement Strategy for Ludlow. The report includes a table of contents and an index.

Search this post to see if there are recommendations for your street or area.

See also my main article on a Movement Strategy for Ludlow.

LCWIP proposals

LCWIP Recommendation: Castle Street car park

Convert the Ludlow Castle Street car park to an open community space and parking for market traders, reducing the traffic flow through the town centre. This proposal is not supported.

LCWIP L.01: Gravel Hill

Repaint advanced stop boxes. Create cycle bypass of signals on Upper Galdeford. Implement a 20mph speed restriction. Within 20mph zone. No space for cycle bypass.

LCWIP L.02: Consider closure of historic centre to general traffic

Consideration of the closure of King Street to traffic. Consideration of the closure of the High Street to traffic (except for market access) either by signalising Bell Lane or using Silk Mill Lane and Bell Lane as an in/out for resident access. (This is also a strategic recommendation). This proposal is not supported.

LCWIP L.03: Railway crossing Fishmore Road

Consider cycle lanes and cycle provision at roundabout. This is supported.

LCWIP L.04/L.41: Henley Road

Create segregated path and/or cycle lanes through residential area between the A49 and East Hamlet. This is supported.

LCWIP L.05: Sandpits Road

Create shared-use path from the Sandpits Road/Riddings Road junction up to the Sandpits Road/Wheeler Road junction and continuing alongside the park (land purchase from the Town Council required). Then create a 20mph speed limit zone from Sandpits Road/Livesey Road/Whitbread Road junction up to where the cycle route connects with Henley Road. See report, page 27.

LCWIP L.06: Lower Galdeford to Steventon New Road

Reseal road and review parking provision to deliver cycle lanes. Removal of on-street car parking is not supported.

LCWIP L.07: Sheet Road railway underpass

Improve safety perceptions with increased lighting, replace chicane barriers with something easier to navigate for non-standard bikes. This proposal is supported.

LCWIP L.08: Ludford Bridge

Introduce cycle advanced stop boxes and/or feeder lanes at bridge. This proposal is partially supported.

LCWIP L.09: Station Drive 

Route along Station Drive to connect into the train station from the town centre and other trunk roads. Add cycle lanes and continuous footways (particularly outside railway station). Improve crossing towards the town centre. (This is also a strategic recommendation.) This is supported.

LCWIP L.10: Sheet Road west of A49

Introduce cycle lanes and improve crossing of the A49 for cyclists and pedestrians. This is partially supported.

LCWIP L.11: Rockspring to Ludlow Business Park

Connection through Gallows Bank along Dark Lane between Rock Lane and the industrial and eco parks. Enhance existing off-road pathway and improve signage to it and awareness of it, allowing all users except motorised vehicles. See A30 and A31.

LCWIP L.12: Route parallel to A49

A shared off-road path parallel to A49, accessible to all users, excluding motorised vehicles along the bypass. This is supported.

LCWIP L.13: Station from Quarry Gardens

Railway crossing into the station entrance from Quarry Gardens. Improve to step free access between platforms (already being investigated). This is in progress.

LCWIP L.14: Rights of way between Housman Crescent and Sheet Road

Upgrade public right of way to shared path, ensuring no user loses their right of access (for example, equestrians). There is a lack of clarity about this proposal.

LCWIP L.15: Gravel Hill to railway station

Improve pathway surfacing and improve signage. Trim back edges to marginally widen pathway. This is proposal is supported.

LCWIP L.16: Old Street and Corve Street

Create a segregated cycle lane, with localised treatments at pinch-points due to the historic streetscape. Introduce a point closure on the northern section of the route. Strategic recommendation. Increase width of footways along Corve Street by taking space from the wide carriageway. Strategic recommendation. Increase crossing points along Corve Street and within the town centre, including dropped kerbs for disability access. A segregated cycle lane is not supported. Extra crossings and dropped kerbs are supported.

LCWIP L.17: Weeping Cross Lane

Introduce double yellow lines on Weeping Cross Lane, as well as widening the southbound footway into a cycle lane (via land purchase). This proposal is not supported.

LCWIP L.18: Caynham to Ludlow along Sheet Road

Introduce a 20mph speed restriction along the residential roads and designate the rural sections as Quiet Lanes. 20mph in Sheet Village is supported.

LCWIP L.19: Knowbury to Caynham

Investigate need for off-road shared path, which would be accessible to active and equestrian users. This proposal is not supported.

LCWIP L.20: Cleehill to Ludlow

Widen narrow footway into shared path, which would be accessible to active and equestrian users. See L.40.

LCWIP L.21: Bitterley to Ludlow along existing PROW and B4364

Investigate adding a cycle lane to rural road. Upgrade PROW between Middleton and Bitterley, ensuring use for all users is retained. It is not clear which footpath or bridleway this refers to.

LCWIP L.22: Ashford Carbonell to Ludlow

Add off-road, segregated footway along the B4361, then a short section of off-road shared use path on the A49 with a pedestrian/cycle over-bridge, then on the un-named roads into the villages, create Quiet Lanes as there is insufficient space to broaden the footway without land purchase. This is supported except for the overbridge.

LCWIP L.23: Gallows Bank

Route through Gallows Bank along PROWs connecting to Sheet Road. Enhance existing path and improve signage. Improved signage supported but not upgrading path.

LCWIP L.24: Henley Grange to Riddings

Upgrade footpath through Henley Grange to segregated cycle route crossing the A49 at Toucan crossing and continue towards town on Riddings Road. This proposal is not supported.

LCWIP L.25: Dinham Bridge

Formalise contraflow along bridge to allow for more space for active users and extend 20mph limit over the bridge. Dinham Bridge does not have a contraflow.

LCWIP L.26: Rock Lane

Route along the pathway parallel to Rock Lane between Sandpits Road and the railway line Enhance existing pathway and improve signage along route. This is supported.  

LCWIP L.27: Steventon Road

Make Steventon Road a Quiet Lane and introduce waiting areas along road in lieu of being able to provide a full cycle lane. The Quiet Lane is supported but waiting areas not needed.

LCWIP L.28: Foldgate Lane

Route from Steventon to Ludlow Eco Park along Foldgate Lane. Consider making access only to make a cycle/equestrian route. This proposal is supported.

LCWIP L.29: Steventon New Road

Create Low Traffic Neighbourhood along/around route to create safer space for cyclists and introduce 20mph speed limit. This road will be within the proposed Ludlow wide 20mph limit.

LCWIP L.30: Culmington to Ludlow along B4365

Create a cycle path along the road, widening to shared path to the south past the race club which would be usable for equestrians also. This proposal is supported.

LCWIP L.31: Culmington to Ludlow along existing rights of way

Upgrade existing PROW, ensuring that no users lose their access rights. It is not clear which right of way this refers to.

LCWIP L.32: Bromfield Road and Corve Bridge

Improve bridge provision for active travel, enhance footway into shared path. See report, page 30.

LCWIP L.33: Ludlow CofE School to A49 and Coronation Avenue

Upgrade shared path to be LTN 1/20 compliant, improve and increase pedestrian crossings and extend 20mph zone. This is supported if it can be implemented within space constraints.

LCWIP L.34: Ledwyche Rise to Coder Road

Create a direct route to extend the off-road path across the industrial sites and A49 to the Park & Ride, including a designated route through the new development site, recommended this be designated a bridleway. This is not supported.

LCWIP L.12: Route parallel to A49

A shared off-road path parallel to A49, accessible to all users, excluding motorised vehicles along the bypass. This is supported.

LCWIP L.35. Parys Road

Improve existing cycle lanes including bypasses of traffic calming measures. This is not supported.

LCWIP L.36: Bromfield to Ludlow

Upgrade of existing NCN Route 44 along existing PROWs. Signpost this route as an active travel and equestrian corridor and with slow speeds to increase safety. See report page 42.

LCWIP L.37: A49 from Bromfield Road to Bromfield

Improve quality, signage and security of existing off-road path parallel to A49. This is partially supported.

LCWIP L.38: Tower Street

Provide space for cyclists along traffic-free street. This proposal is not supported.

LCWIP L.39: Rocks Green A49 crossing

Improve the Toucan crossing, including a button back from the A49. Action: Shropshire Council and National Highways. This is supported.

LCWIP L.40: A4117 A49 to Henley

Widen narrow footway into shared path, which would also be usable by equestrians. This proposal is partially supported.

LCWIP L.04/L.41: Henley Road

Create segregated path and/or cycle lanes through residential area between the A49 and East Hamlet. This is supported.

LCWIP L.42: One Stop roundabout, East Hamlet

Create space for cyclists across the roundabout where Henley Road meets Gravel Hill. See report page 43.

LCWIP L.43: New Road

Add double yellow lines and investigate cycle lane up hill. This proposal needs more consideration.

LCWIP L.44: Temeside between Old Street and Weeping Cross Lane

Reduce speed limit to 20mph, introduce formal crossing of Temeside and upgrade footways where possible. This is not supported.  

LCWIP L.45: Temeside between Weeping Cross Lane and Steventon New Road

Investigate making a Low Traffic Neighbourhood and upgrade footways. This is proposal is not supported.

LCWIP L.46: Linney

Widen and extend path to go whole length of route, increase crossing points and investigate traffic calming and speed limit restrictions. This proposal is supported with qualifications.

LCWIP L.47: St Julians Avenue and Livesey Road

Investigate making a Low Traffic Neighbourhood along St Julians Avenue/Livesey Road to stop through traffic. This is not supported.

LCWIP L.48: Fishmore Road

Reduce speed limit to 20mph and restrict on-road parking. Give cyclists priority at side roads and provision at the roundabout. Add crossing points when footways change side. This is partially supported.

Additional proposals to LCWIP

Proposal A01: Cycle parking

Proposals from Ludlow 21 for cycling parking should be adopted and implemented, along with a cycle parking area on the approach to Galdeford car park. Better signposting of bike parking areas is needed. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A02: Air quality monitoring

Reintroduce air quality monitoring in the Bull Ring. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A03: 20mph limits

20mph zones should be introduced on all residential roads as part of a Ludlow wide zone, including adjacent areas in Ludford parish. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A04: Pavement parking

Shropshire Council should review its approach to pavement parking and encourage the government to strengthen pavement parking bans. In the absence of legislation on pavement parking outside London, it should install advisory signs – “Please do not park on pavements” – in problem areas. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A05: New buses

Replace ageing buses with electric models for a more reliable service and reduce air pollution, preferably narrower buses to ease pressure on King Street and other town centre streets. Action: Shropshire Council and bus operators.

Proposal A06: Bus shelters

Ludlow Town Council should continue with its plan to install a bus shelter in its area each year. Ludford Parish Council should consider using CIL and other funds to install bus shelters on the Eco Park and at Rocks Green. Action: Ludlow Town Council and Ludford Parish Council.

Proposal A07: Designate bus stop on Old Street

Designate and mark bus stop outside or near to 10 Old Street. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A08: King Street closures

For a trial period, introduce closure of King Street in peak season for all traffic except buses and taxis on Saturday 11am to 4pm with monitoring of impact on movement and trade. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A09: HGVs in town centre

For a trial period, vehicles over 7.5 tonnes should be banned from the town centre seven days a week between 11am and 4pm, except buses and taxis. Consider whether 10 tonnes would be a more appropriate limit. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A10: Last mile shared freight to town centre

Examine the feasibility of a shared freight service for Ludlow, including identifying funding for a service. Action: Ludlow 21, Ludlow Chamber of Commerce and Ludlow Town Council.

Proposal A11: Castle Street car park

Retain the car park and install EV charging points. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A12: New crossing on Old Street

Install zebra crossing on Old Street close to St John’s Road. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A13: Register alley as a right of way

Register the alley from Tower Street/Lower Galdeford to Galdeford A car park as a right of way. Action: Ludlow Town Council and Shropshire Council.

Proposal A14: Portcullis Lane

Negotiate with landowner to remove stone wall on the east side of the narrows and broaden footway. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A15: Galdeford A car park

Remove two spaces and mark a continuous footpath. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A16: Portcullis Lane

Register Portcullis Lane as a right of way. Action: Ludlow Town Council and Shropshire Council.

Proposal A17: Pavement from railway station to Station Drive Surgery

Increase width of pavement outside railway station towards Station Drive surgery. Action: Shropshire Council and Network Rail.

Proposal A18: Railway station bus stop

Move bus stop approximately 25m north to directly outside the railway station building. Install bus shelter. Action: Shropshire Council, Network Rail and Ludlow Town Council.

Proposal A19: Pavement from Corve Street to Aldi

Increase the width of the pavement on the north side of Station Drive between Corve Street and Aldi. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A20: Railway station footpath

Provide lighting for Footpath 26Y and level the sudden dip. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A21: Pavement improvements Temeside

Drop kerbs and tactile paving where Temeside crosses Temeside Gardens and Steventon Crescent. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A22: Pavement improvements Steventon New Road

Drop kerbs and tactile paving where Steventon New Road crosses Steventon Crescent. Tactile paving where the road crosses Steventon Gardens. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A23: Henley Road shared use path

Investigate a share use path westbound from Henley Road cemetery to Sandpits Road.

Proposal A24: Henley Road crossing

Install a crossing in the vicinity of Weyman Road to facilitate cyclists and pedestrians crossing Henley Road.

Proposal A25: Stanton Road and Weyman Road

Implement a 7.5 tonne weight limit on Stanton Road.

Proposal A26: Sheet Road crossing

Install zebra crossing east of Kennet Bank.

Proposal A27: Ludlow Green to retail area

Create access from Ludlow Green the retail area between Pets at Home and Ludlow Nut company. Action: Shropshire Council and Ludford Parish Council.

Proposal A28: Ludlow Green

Open discussions with developer on cycle provision through Ludlow Green. Action: Shropshire Council and Ludford Parish Council.

Proposal A29: Parys Road to Riddings Road

Extend the northbound cycle lane on Parys Road along St Margaret’s Road and Riddings Road. A southbound cycle lane could begin at St Margaret’s Road and continue to Parys Road.

Proposal A30: Dark Lane

Improve use of Dark Lane after dark and perceptions of safety with installation of low level lighting, preferably solar powered. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A31: Dark Lane

Mark cycle lane on north side of Dark Lane. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A32: Tollgate Road to Charlton Rise

The alley linking the two roads is unlit at night. A single light would encourage use after dark and promote safety.

Proposal A33: Bromfield Road cycle path

Investigate completion of cycle path between Burway Lane and Ludlow Bowling Club.

Proposal A34: Bromfield Road crossings

Improve visibility of crossings with halos around zebra crossing beacons.

Proposal A35: Sandpits Road

Shropshire Council has drawn up plans to install traffic calming to slow traffic outside the Ludlow Infant and Nursery School. This is expected to be implemented shortly. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A36: Livesey Road

Consider cycle lanes either side of Livesey Road from Sandpits Road to St Julians Avenue.

Proposal A37: Julian Road

Make access only to reduce through traffic.

Proposal A38: East Hamlet Junction

Develop new designs for the East Hamlet junction to promote pedestrian safety. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A39: One way traffic on part of New Street

One way traffic on New Street from New Road for a distance of 140m. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A40: Bromfield Road junction with Coronation Avenue

Consider redesign of junction to promote active travel.

Proposal A41: Lower Corve Street

Install one way system northward on Lower Corve Street except for the northmost 40m and the length of St Mary’s Lane. Retain access only restriction. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A42: New path on Henley Grange

A formal path across the public open space preferably along one edge to preserve openness. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A43: Sheet Road Eco Park

Install crossing linking Eco Park with proposed industrial area and M&S Food. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A44: Park and ride bus service

A direct service from the park and ride to the town centre running every 20 minutes. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A45: Parking charges at the Eco Park

Consider bringing the park and ride into the charging regime at Band 6. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A46: Squirrel Lane

Designate Squirrel Lane access only and a Quiet Lane. Action: Shropshire Council.

Proposal A47: Sheet Road and Shropshire Way

Investigate off-road footpath to connect Sheet Village or Ledwyche Rise with the Shropshire Way. Action: Shropshire Council and Ludford Parish Council.

Proposal A48: Halton Lane

Improve lane surface in the area of Priors Halton Farm. Action: Bromfield Parish Council, Plymouth Estate.

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