I have heard too many times in the last few weeks that I am to resign as a Shropshire councillor, even that I have resigned. I am not resigning. I intend to stick to my aim of standing in 2025 for the unitary elections.

I am sorry that at least one councillor is spreading false information.

Gossip and loose tongues in a small town like Ludlow can be dangerous. The quidnuncs quickly make a reality of an unreality.

Now back to my planned break to write about the quidnuncs in Weymouth in the eighteenth century and an awful lot more, some of it rather awful. Some of it absolutely glorious.

4 thought on “Denial of rumours that I am resigning as a councillor”
  1. False rumours and loose tongues show Ludlow in its true colours.
    Best just to ignore and prove them wrong when you stand at the next election.
    Shame those same loose tongues can’t share some true facts about the town walls.
    Good luck with your book

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