Shropshire Council’s health team is undertaking a survey of local needs across the county.

The survey asks about what people value most in their local areas, health services, youth provision, volunteering, road repairs, education, public transport and much more. It also seeks to assess how satisfied people are life and whether they would like to be involved in decisions about their area.

I hope people will spend around 10 minutes completing the questionnaire. If we don’t tell people what our needs and views are, we get and keep the services we need. This is survey for all adults not just those with long term health conditions.

Take part in the survey

The survey covers 18 areas, within Ludlow’s ‘Place Plan’ area stretches from Onibury to Burford and from Ashford Bowdler to Bitterley.

Ludlow Place Plan area

One question is, “To what extent do you agree or disagree that your local area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together?” The survey also asks whether there is a problem with people not treating each other with respect and consideration. There are questions about local services and facilities and about provision for young people.

The information will be confidential. The survey does not ask for your identity. You will however need to give your postcode to allow officers map the responses by local area.

Take part in the survey

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