Shropshire Council’s Public Protection team has objected to the licence application from Future Sound to hold up to 15 days of concerts in Ludlow Castle every year. It is not against more events in the castle but wants the number reduced to eight a year. Public Protection have said that “the application for 15 events is excessive would give rise to Public Nuisance”. This morning Future Sounds accepted the reduction in the number of days and other conditions. That means that there are no plans for a public hearing into the licence application and it will be approved for eight days, along with additional restrictions on the volume of events (see below).

Shropshire Council’s licencing team will still need to take account comments made by the public and a hearing could still be held in the New Year if the licencing team decides the comments warrant it.

Comments to by 21 December.

Along with the spring and September food festivals, eight events a year will add up to 14 days of events in the castle over the summer season. Allowing for setting up events and clearing them down, the castle will be closed to visitors for around one in four days over the summer season.

Shropshire Council objecting to the licence application

Acting as the Responsible Authority for the Licensing Objective the Prevention of Public Nuisance I have considered the application and am of the opinion that 15 large scale pop concerts or similar Live and or Recorded Music events would undermine the above objective and therefore have to formally object to the application.

I would however withdraw my objection with immediate effect if the Licence was modified and the conditions below added, in addition to those conditions volunteered by the applicant:

  • The maximum number of events held per annum to be no more than 8 days
  • Events held on Monday – Friday shall last no more than 6 hours
  • Events held Saturday and Sunday shall last no more than 8 hours
  • All Regulated Entertainment to cease by 22:30
  • Events shall not be held on more than 4 days consecutively.

The maximum Music Noise Level when measured 1m from the façade of noise sensitive properties on Dinham over a 15 minute period to not exceed 70dB(A). For the Headline artist this limit may be increased to 75dB(A).

6 thought on “Castle events reduced after Shropshire Council says original plans will be a “public nuisance””
  1. SC dictating what we do in Ludlow again. This is for the benefit of the town , local folks and visitors. Best option is for them to keep their nose out of South Shropshire and look after your favourites in the North.
    Seems to me there have been comments from the usual Dinham , Mill Street newbies , anti May Fair etc. Just get a life and join in folks !!!!
    SC Public Nuisance… who’s eyes…..or ears. Ludlow wants and needs to spread its wings……the vociferous FEW are trying to take over again 😡

    1. This comment is ill informed. Public protection made their judgement having not seen local opinion. Views for or against go to Licencing. Any comments made by people you think of usual suspects will not have informed the Public Protection opinion (and probably haven’t yet been made). Note that Future Sound accepted the reduction withoutout objection. Perhaps they were flying a kite to see how high it could go.

      1. Who are the ” faceless” public protection ??.
        Presume unelected who hoist their views and opinions on others without any consultation of those it might effect. One size fits all. !!!
        Aren’t folks getting a bit tired of being told what they can and can’t do. Haven’t we learnt anything from the ” lock down ” etc etc fiasco.
        Isn’t it time we made our OWN minds up and not just accept what we are handed out.
        Perhaps Future Sound could appeal if they want to arrange more events ?

      2. “Isn’t it time we made our OWN minds up…” It’s not clear who “we” are in this. Even if the old SSDC still existed the decision may not have been different due to the need to meet the objectives of the licencing act and environmental perotection act, as well as take into account case law on public nuisance and human rights law. And a local council might have imposed even tighter limits.

        Future Sound can only appeal by arguing the decision was flawed in the high court. However, the high court is unlikely to hear a judicial review because Festival Sounds have accpected the limits.

        Given that Future Sounds readily accepted the lower limits, it does seem likely that it was planning 15 events.

  2. I suspect they requested 15 events knowing they would get less. Ludlow is a small town it and it’s residents and given the noise and nuisance, beyond Ludlow should not have this example of corporate greed foisted upon it. There needs to be balance and checks and balances. Noise levels and timings need to be policed. If the promoters go beyond they should be severely penalised and no future licenses given.

  3. I am one of the “usual suspects” in a street very close to the castle. The May Fair is right outside my front door- I love it. I have, however, formally objected to this proposal. I’m all for a few nights of this a year- but not 15. I’m glad it has been reduced to 8- but would have preferred it to stay at 4. This is on top of the already established events: The May Fair, the Fringe, the 2 food festivals etc. That represents a significant amount of disruption to residents. There is a balance to be struck between what the town needs to stay alive and the needs of residents. It may not be a popular view, but I have as much right to enjoy peaceful occupation of my home as those who live in different parts of town not as close to the castle as I am.

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