Sometimes you can’t get where you want to be. It is gutting that Chris Naylor, the candidate that we so much wanted to win the South Shropshire seat for the Lib Dems is having to stand down. The reason is a flare up of a heart condition. Campaigning flat out to get elected in big rural patch doesn’t work when you have a problem with your ticker. Chris’s health has to be top priority.

Chris has done so much to prepare South Shropshire for the next general election. He talked the values of the farming community. He has voiced the concerns of social tenants. He has helped mop up and clean tenant’s houses that are flooded. He was destined to be a community MP not a career building politician.

But fate has worked against him. He leaves South Shropshire Lib Dems with a legacy of an enthused campaign team. A legion of voters who believe that we don’t have to have a Conservative MP. People who want better than we have been getting for decades.

We wish Chris well. We know he won’t stop working to help the Lib Dems secure the South Shropshire seat in the election. No longer being in the front line, he can focus on his health and helping our communities.

Andy Boddington and Tracey Huffer

Chris and Tracey discussing the problems with Sandpits refurbishment

Chris Naylor media release

The Lib Dem’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South Shropshire, former councillor Chris Naylor is standing down due to health concerns. Chris lives in the heart of the constituency, off grid by All Stretton, and was selected through a competitive process in early 2023.

As well as having led a major council housing department for four years, Chris was on the Lib Dems Local Government Parliamentary Committee at Westminster chaired by Simon Hughes MP.

Chris is just starting as a volunteer in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital A&E and has recently joined the Citizen Scientists in Ludlow sampling the Teme and Corve rivers there. Chris has also served on his local Patient Participation Group and on the Radbrook Foundation, supporting young people into further education – and volunteers with the National Trust.

“It’s a huge disappointment” Chris Naylor said “to have to step down as PPC due to health concerns, after nearly a year now as the South Shropshire Lib Dem Candidate. Sadly, my old cardiovascular problem has flared up again after nearly 10 years. However, having launched a new local Lib Dem branch in the Strettons, and delivered many thousands of leaflets, I’ll still be playing an active part – giving my all to win back South Shropshire.”

“Meanwhile I’m delighted that since my news several strong new candidates have come forward and I understand the constituency party will be announcing our new PPC very soon. I’d like to take this opportunity to offer many thanks to colleagues for their kind support.”

David Gaukroger, South Shropshire Lib Dem’s constituency chairman, said:

“Chris is an exceptional man and he has made a great impact in the campaign. He combines intellectual capacity and energy with a deep humanity and a capacity to connect with voters of all parties and none. 

“He stands out as that rarity in politics: someone motivated by the desire to promote the common good rather than by personal ambition.”

Chris Naylor relaxing in Ludlow
2 thought on “Chris Naylor Liberal Democrat hopeful for South Shropshire MP stands down with health concerns”
  1. So very disappointed to hear this news. All the best to Chris for his future health, and many thanks for working so hard, on our behalf. His efforts will surely have strengthened the Lib Dem Cause.

  2. This is very sad news and let us all hope Chris remains a strong presence in Shropshire South. Maybe this is the time for us to look to our former Lib Dem MP Matthew Green to take up the mantle again.

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