Thanks to the energies of Anabelle de Gersigny and the generosity of Robin Farmer, Brighter Ludlow has installed its first shop window display.

Everyone was sad when Farmers, a long standing business that sold fruit and vegetables on the market and from its Mill Street shop closed after Robin retired. The shop didn’t look too good with brown paper screening its windows.

Farmers before

Brighter Ludlow stepped in. Yesterday the windows were brightened with screen prints, many of which were created at the Brighter Ludlow event on Events Square on Easter Saturday.

Easter Saturday workshop

The result is a brighter Ludlow shop.

Farmers after

Our aim now is to get more artwork into empty shops. We need to create that artwork and get access to more shops. Getting access is not easy but I hope that now we have one shop makeover, other owners and agents will allow access.

As soon as new tenants want to move in, we’ll remove the artwork. This is a meanwhile project that will change location and artwork over the next few months.

5 thought on “Brighter Ludlow brightens its first shop window”
    1. Brighter Ludlow can only brighten up the town to make it more attractive to people coming into town and potential retailers. The other option is desolate empty shop windows that blight so many towns.

  1. I think it looks lovely. Much brighter & more cheerful than the sad looking brown paper. Efforts of all who created the artwork much appreciated.

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