Work at Ludlow Railway Station to install a lift on the northbound platform, new power supply, upgraded lighting and a new announcement system is progressing with all work expected to be completed by the end of July. This is two months later than expected, the delays occurring early in the project when there was difficulty in obtaining piling equipment. Network Rail say:

“Whilst most of the work has been done, we still have different milestones that we need to achieve before we can remove the traffic management. This includes the work to install the lift, capping beam, retaining wall and footway reinstatement. We hope the traffic management can be lifted by the end of July 2024.”

Network Rail have completed civils works on the platform and the lift structure. Electrical installation is 50% complete. Installation of the lift install is 50% complete.

The contractors have been meeting Shropshire Council weekly how to discuss ease traffic during major events in Ludlow in July: general election voting, half marathon and Ludlow Castle music events. On completion of each stage, Network Rail will assess if the traffic lights can be reduced to a footpath closure and periodically reinstated to allow plant movements. Weekly meetings have been arranged with Shropshire Council to ensure everyone is updated about the latest.

Network Rail also say:

“We are also aware of the recent instances where traffic signals haven’t been working over the weekend and caused significant traffic disruption. Measures are now in place to ensure signals are monitored over weekend periods and for the remainder of the project to prevent any further issues.”

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  1. Whatever the issues faced, 9 months to build a brick box with a lift inside still seems to me an unconscionable amount of time!

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