It seems to have been a long six weeks since Rishi Sunak called a snap election. The Lib Dems and Labour were ready to go but the Tories weren’t.

It’s neck and neck between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives in South Shropshire, with Labour trailing behind. If you don’t want to continue with this chaotic government, then please vote for Matthew Green today. Like all Lib Dem MPs he will work hard in his constituency as well as taking on his parliamentary duties. He will speak out for South Shropshire. We need that voice in in a county where the Conservatives have diverted our scarce resources to Shrewsbury and Oswestry at the expense of the south of the county. We need a powerful voice to speak up for rural Shropshire.

It’s been a curious election. It took most Conservatives by surprise except those rushing to place a bet on a July election. Craig Williams the Conservative candidate in Powys, for example.

There have been blunders, stunts, wild promises, the surprise appearance of Nigel Farage after saying he would not stand. Candidates have been suspended. Some have resigned in disgust at their party’s policies. Some have even asked voters to vote for their opponents. One placed a bet against himself winning.

Then there was the change in tactics by the Conservatives, no longer expecting to win but instead aiming to reduce Labour’s majority.

The Conservative vultures have been hovering around Rishi Sunak eyeing up his job should he lose the election or not achieve a decent majority. Should the Conservatives win, there is bound to be a reshuffle of ministers. It’s certain that will happen if one of the pretenders grabs his leadership spot.

Policies aside, one of the worst things about recent years is the constant churn in senior positions. In the last five years there have been five prime ministers, seven chancellors, seven foreign secretaries, seven home secretaries, six health secretaries and an unbelievable 13 housing ministers. How on earth can we get on top of the housing crisis when housing ministers last less than six months?

One of the things that has most disturbed me in recent years is the growth of lying in politics. I didn’t agree with much of Margaret Thatcher said and did, but she didn’t lie. Now anything goes it seems. Honesty is one of the seven principles of UK public life (the Nolan Principles). You don’t hear much about the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness these days but a lot about the other two principles, honesty and leadership – but never in a good way.

The Conservatives have undermined the integrity of public office and the reputation of Britain on the world stage. They have undermined public trust in politics, which wasn’t high in the first place. Britain has become more inequal with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Our infrastructure is falling apart. We don’t invest enough to secure our nation’s future and create the wealth we need to support our NHS, social care and public transport. Once a world leader in tackling climate change, we are now falling behind.

We need change. In South Shropshire that means electing Lib Dem Matthew Green. In Shrewsbury, Labour’s Jullia Buckley. In North Shropshire, the unstoppable Lib Dem Helen Morgan. And in North Herefordshire, Ellie Chowns standing for the Greens.

Whoever you vote for today, remember to take your photo ID.

One thought on “Election Day: Please vote for Matthew Green to support South Shropshire”
  1. I agree that Margaret Thatcher didn’t lie. I’m less sure about Tony Blair and the events leading up to the Iraqi invasion, but before that he was basically OK even though I disagreed with him too.

    The same cannot be said for Keir Starmer. It’s been one lie after another in the last couple of Parliaments.

    Hopefully the Lib Dems will be able to call him out on those once the election is out of the way.

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