The Green Party is making a good showing locally and nationally. It has picked up around 40 new seats across England so far, with around half of councils declared. Here is Shropshire, the Greens look to gain two seats. Conservative held Oswestry South was taken by the Greens tonight. Julian Dean looks set to retain his Porthill seat.

There will be more updates as the results come in over the 24 hours or so, with all results for Ludlow and Clee due to be declared tomorrow (Saturday).

Congratulations to Duncan Kerr who returns to Shropshire Council having defeated Paul Milner in Oswestry South.

Paul Milner (Con) (605 votes) Duncan Kerr (Green) (760 votes).

Kerr won the Oswestry South seat in a by-election in February 2016 after former council leader Keith Barrow stood down but lost the seat to Paul Milner in the 2017 elections. On that occasion, Milner took 52 per cent of the vote and Kerr 48 per cent. On this occasion, Kerr took 56 per cent of the vote.

During in short time on Shropshire Council, Kerr’s focus was financial matters, especially how much councillors are paid (too much in his opinion). I hope he will focus on a more green agenda now a climate emergency has been declared, following the lead of Julian Dean who has helped drive the green agenda forward in spite of the reluctance of the leadership to act urgently or and its anything but green ambitions.

The other result tonight is for Corvedale, where the Greens stood for the first time against the long established Conservative, Cecilia Motely. It was a good showing on the part of the Green Party and looks like a seat it might win in a future election.

Cecilia Motley (Con), (998 votes), Anne Dyer (Green), (447 votes), Charles Shackerley-Bennett (UKIP) (61 votes).

With only a few results declared, no one knows where this election is heading. However, media reports suggest the Conservatives have begun managing expectations as some of its key councillors look threatened. Chief among these is the council leader, Peter Nutting who could lose his seat to the Lib Dems. Deputy Leader Steve Charmley is reported to be confident about retaining his seat but faces strong Lib Dem opposition.

Labour have just taken all three seats in Bayston Hill.

The turnout across the unitary area was 38.5 per cent.

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