The Sandpits refurbishment has been controversial from the outset. It has been long delayed and too much of the work has been shoddy and incomplete. Work is underway to correct that. But yesterday the problems got worse with wanton and illegal destruction of bird nests as gardens were cleared as young trees, bushes and brush was cleared.

In a single day, blackbird, robin and pigeon nests were disturbed and fledglings killed, including by magpies. It is possible also that bats were disturbed. Disturbance of a birds nest or of bats is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The offences are considered so serious they are punishable by an unlimited fine or up to six months in prison.

The police and RSPCA are investigating and Connexus is trying to find out what happened.

Tracey and Richard Huffer went Sandpits yesterday afternoon to join in the search for surviving birds. Tracey comments:

There were dead chicks everywhere. It was a scene of decimation. Pigeons kept coming down looking for their chicks. When we spoke to a contractor he was disinterested and said “so what”.

I was impressed by how the whole community came together to search for surviving birds.

Residents searching

Rescued baby pigeons

Why did this happen? It is well known that it is illegal to disturb nesting birds during the nesting season (March to August). It is widely known that it is illegal to disturb bats at all times. Why is this work going on when renovation has not been completed on a single house. Why it is happening in nesting season. We don’t understand why Connexus and its contractors are showing such disregard for precious wildlife.

All work in the gardens should halt immediately until the situation is assessed and a wildlife assessment is completed.

Tracey has written to the chief executive of Connexus complaining about the destruction.

The RSPCA also attended yesterday to collect evidence. The matter has also been reported to Shropshire Council. Anyone with information about this incident should contact the police on 101 citing Incident Number 1281156.

5 thought on “Anger as bird nests destroyed by Connexus contractors on Sandpits”
  1. Connexus are obviously ignorant of the basics of wildlife care. This is so upsetting, I hope they are held to account in some way. Thankfully some of the residents cared.

  2. Andy, if it is a subcontractor for Connexus, then Connexus will you the legal argument that the company is not responsible but the subcontractor. Disgusting but I’ve already traveled this route with Connexus

    1. I can’t agree because Connexus arranged for the work to be done in the nesting season. It would have been common sense to know that bird nests would be at risk. The contractor would also be culpable.

  3. How dreadful. I hope this clearly useless and incompetent company are prosecuted for this wanton act of destruction to our already depleted and threatened wildlife and receive the maximum penalty possible.

  4. This is very unsettling. Us ordinary mortals try very hard to help wildlife and these people come along and do what they like. Either Connexus are cowboys or they use cowboys. Either way they should all be severely punished. Fines will be passed on to customers and why should they have to pay. I suggest prison from top to bottom of these organisations. People at the top should be punished as well as the minions. The buck stops at the top.

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