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Covid Watch 31: We all need exercise – farmers must not illegally close footpaths during the national emergency

Many of us are getting a bit stir crazy. Pinned down to our homes and our gardens, when we have a garden. Allowed out for essentials like shopping and medical appointments. And our single permitted daily walk. We benefit in Ludlow from good access to the countryside. We can stroll past pleasant gardens into green and leafy fields and woods. One of our well walked routes heads out of town along Burway and across the fields towards Bromfield, where sadly the café and The Clive are closed for the duration. It’s a great route and you can return via Oakley Park to The Cliffe or cut across the fields east of the A49 to return via Elm Lodge and Fishmore Road. But now this route is blocked at Burway farm. Signs say: “Sorry. Footpath closed due to coronavirus. Thank you.” Polite but illegal. I have asked Shropshire Council to get the signs removed and the right of way reopened.

Planning appeal for five houses on Burway Lane, Ludlow thrown out by planning inspector

Burway Lane is a narrow and quiet road that passes to the Cricket Club and a number of rather well appointed houses, before continuing as a track onto farmland to Burway House. In 2014, plans were submitted to Shropshire Council for four market homes and one affordable house.[1] They were rejected in October 2015. In May, the applicant appealed to the planning inspectorate. Now a planning inspector has now thrown out the plans, saying they are in an unsustainable location, will lead to ribbon development and will block views of the historic centre of Ludlow. This is the right decision. If these houses had have been approved, the decision would have undermined the local plan for Ludlow, SAMDev. The development would have damaged important views towards Ludlow castle and St Laurence’s. We need housing in Ludlow but the need is for smaller, affordable homes within the town, not detached houses sprawling across green fields at the end of a long lane.

Plans for five homes on Burway Lane, Ludlow refused

Update 25 May 2016 The applicant has now appealed to the planning inspectorate. I have submitted a detailed objection to the scheme. Andy_Boddington_Appeal_objection_to_Burway_Lane_3147470 Main article 3 October 2015 A year after they were submitted, council planners have rejected plans for five houses, four for open market sale and one affordable, on a greenfield site south of Burway Lane on the outskirts of Ludlow (14/04215/OUT). This is very much the right decision as only affordable housing for identified needs should be built outside the town’s development boundary. (One affordable house on the adjacent plot has already been approved.) In rejecting the application, Shropshire Council said the development would be significantly harmful to the character and appearance of the area. It said, “Development of this ribbon like nature, and set at this particular location, would greatly affect this soft transition into the open countryside beyond.” The council continued:

McCartneys have submitted an application for outline permission to replace Bankside on Burway Lane (15/01292/OUT). The house has been unoccupied for a while and undoubtedly needs a lot of work. This proposal is to demolish the existing property, build a new dwelling and create a separate access (the current drive is shared with Lyndon House). I am a bi puzzled that this is an outline application. McCartneys have drawn up a scheme for the site and submitted it. But planners are not being asked to judge this scheme, just decide whether a replacement house and the new access are acceptable, with matters of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved until a full application is submitted. It may be that McCartneys are seeking outline permission because they intend to market the site and want to give the purchaser confidence a replacement house can be built.

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